How to Say I Love You in Latvian

Two Parts:Knowing What to SaySaying it Right

Being romantically involved with someone whose first language is not English can be difficult. However, putting forth the effort to learn her language will go a long way to showing that you are dedicated to the relationship. Expressing your love in her native tongue can be a great way to take a step forward together.

Part 1
Knowing What to Say

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    Memorize “I love you.” In Latvian I love you translates to "Es Tevi mīlu." Do an online search to see how it is pronounced. Repeat it a few times to master the phrase.[1]
    • ”Ī, ī” is pronounced like “ee” in knee.
    • ”I, I” is pronounced like “i” in pin.
    • ”U, u” is pronounced “u” as in put.[2]
    • To check your pronunciation of this or any other phrase, use
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    Learn other romantic phrases. If you really want to impress the person who you’re interested in, you should try to follow up the phrase with some other relevant Latvian words.
    • The Latvian word for “boyfriend: is “draugs” and “girlfriend” is “draudzene.”
    • ”I have missed you so much” translates to “Es tik lo-ti il-go-jos pec te-vis.”
    • ”I like being with you” translates to “Man patīk būt kopā ar tevi
    • ”You have the most beautiful eyes” translates to “Tev ir tik skaistas acis.”[3]
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    Try to pick up more of the Latvian language. The keys to learning a language are immersing yourself in it on a daily basis and speaking, rather than just listening to it. You should try to dive right in, even if you initially understand very little of it. Start by focusing on “cognates”—words that sound similar in both languages.[4]
    • Find a language course. Many community colleges allow you to take a stand alone language class for reasonable prices. Some free options are offered online by DuoLingon, the Foreign Service Institute, The Omniglot Intro to Languages, and BBC’s Languages Intro.
    • One popular technique is to watch movies with English subtitles. This will allow you to compare the English to the Latvian. Once you know some of the language, use to find a Latvian radio station.
    • To practice speaking, use skype. will connect you with native language speakers who are willing to help you practice, often for very reasonable rates.[5]

Part 2
Saying it Right

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    Learn Lativian pronunciation. Latvian is written with a modified version of the Latin Script used for the English Alphabet. Many of the letters are pronounced differently than in English. Accent marks can also be added to letters, changing the way that they are pronounced.
    • ”Ē, ē” is pronounced like “I” in machine.
    • ”Ū, ū” is pronounced like “oo” in soon.
    • ””C, c is pronounced like “ts” in coats.
    • ”Dz, dz is pronounced like “ds” in boards.
    • ”Dž, dž” is pronounced like “j” in jump.
    • ”Ģ, ģ” is pronounced like “d” in down.
    • ”J,j is pronounced like “y” in yes.
    • ”Ķ, ķ” is pronounced “t” in tune.[6]
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    Rehearse the phrase a few times. Don’t imagine that you’ve gotten the pronunciation right after the first time reading the phrase; Latvian pronunciation differs markedly from English pronunciation. Listen to the phrase being said and repeat it until you sound like a native speaker.
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    Say it to your loved one. When you think that you have the phrase down, try it out on someone you care for. Save it for a romantic occasion. Your effort will probably be appreciated.

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