How to Sell Gym Memberships

Gyms sell memberships, usually on a month-to-month contract basis, to people looking to train or get into better shape. Gyms are often faced with limited markets and sales can stagnate. Selling gym memberships requires a good grasp of standard sales tactics and a fresh input of new initiatives as markets changes. Whether you are a gym owner, manager or salesperson, it is important to refresh your selling methods with each year. Support your sales staff with the correct research, marketing and flexibility and it may become easier to inspire new gym members. This article will tell you how to sell gym memberships.


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    Research the other gyms in your area. Find the services that they provide along with the costs that are associated with joining. Only after you figure out the finer details of their plans can you truly compete with the competition, because you will be able to find your competitive advantage.
    • Sign up for other gyms' mailing lists, catalogs, promotions and more. Not every gym offers these promotions, but they may also have social media pages that let gym members know the important changes and specials they are offering.
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    Identify your competitive advantage and use it in all marketing and verbal communication. This could be anything from pilates classes, to a lack of an introductory fee to free personal training sessions. Try something that other gyms aren't trying and promote it.
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    Find the right demographics for your gym. For example, if your gym has a pool or a sauna, you may want to cater to an older crowd to appreciate the low-impact experience of water-based activities. These customers may not be reached through email, and direct marketing postcards may yield better results.
    • Target new arrivals to the neighborhood. Offer 7-day passes to people who register nearby. Lists may be available from your local post office or other marketing agencies to help you keep abreast of people who are moving in.
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    Target your demographics seasonally. New year promotions are important, since most gyms see a spike in gym attendance and sign up after people have new year's resolutions. However, you can also take advantage of holidays, good weather and couples memberships.
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    Realize that selling gym memberships to long-term patrons is more important than to trial members. Many sites offer coupons or trial memberships; however, if you can entice loyalty in your members, their renewals will save more money than finding new business.
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    Get your gym in the news. Ask your seasoned staff members to write blogs or articles that will work along with other promotions. Your sales staff should be supported by a marketing department that takes advantage of print, social media, online articles, weight loss support and more.
    • Some people suggest that the gym name must be in the news or in the general public's perception in at least 7 ways in order to be attractive to the gym consumer.
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    Do the comparison of the gyms for your customers. Create an attractive table that outlines fees versus the benefits of joining each gym. Many of your potential customers are busy and would appreciate the comparison work being done for them.
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    In many cases, other gyms would offer lower rates; however, they may offer fewer classes, overloaded classes, binding contracts, fewer spa services or fewer locations.
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    Establish flexibility. In today's market, more people are willing to barter than ever before. Take this into account when you send your sales people out to talk with prospective clients.
    • Consider lower fees, non-binding contracts, easy billing, shorter contracts, perks, personal training sessions and more as ways to entice people to join.


  • Keep aware of new type of training and classes. Many gyms are specializing in spinning, yoga, pilates and more. Make sure you can compete with these gyms on the same level, while offering more services.
  • Many gym customers are savvy to the fact that there is some flexibility in gym membership sales. Use honesty to help people to understand that they are getting a good compromise between the gym needing to maintain exceptional equipment and upkeep and providing a good rate to clients.

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