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You studied various camera techniques, you researched and purchased photographic equipment that would suit your trip. Your travels to exotic places and locals were everything you thought they'd be --- and then some. Every new sight had to be perfectly recorded, so as to capture the very essence of this exact moment within time. You recognize a masterpiece and realize, you have arrived.

Travel photography as never seen before. The depth of color and shade are exquisite, as hints of light dance over the primary elements you were focusing in on. These frozen images touch you deeply within your soul. You knew if these travel photographs could move and inspire you like this, certainly others would feel the same. You nurtured the idea over time and soon the solutions presented themselves -- you can barely contain your excitement as you digest and read the steps of "Wikihow: How to Sell Travel Photos."


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    Pre-planning requirements: Take a photography class at the local college or an on-line course. In purchasing adequate photographic equipment, read camera reviews and research photography trade periodicals.
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    Pack a travel photography bag: Here you will store your camera and accessories, such as a field tri-pod for keeping your camera steady. Bring some form of an extra lighting source as well. Relying on flash vs. a directional lighting unit spells the difference between amateur and professional.
    • Depending on length of your vacation or travel plans, be sure to take along extra media memory cards > 1g. should provide ample space for your picture storage needs, depending on file sizes. Should you have plans to shoot video on the same camera then planning for extra digital memory cards are even more essential.
    • Remember to pack up your camera's battery charger -- the same one that came with the camera at time of purchase. Without a way to charge your cameras battery you would have to settle for buying postcards, giving up your role as travel photographer.
    • During your journey, it is prudent to carry an extra camera battery that is fully charged, in order to never miss those "once in a lifetime" shots, due to failed battery power.
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    Service your equipment: Take good care of your equipment and service it so that you know it is working at peak performance. In return you will be rewarded with years of pictures par excellence! Don't forget if you are using your camera on a daily basis, wipe your camera down nightly with a soft smooth cloth, using a small bottle of cleaning solution required for the maintenance of your photographic equipment.
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    Practice camera and photography skills: Prior to the day of your departure, study your equipment backwards and forwards, inside and out. Some modern digital cameras are so feature rich that it will take you time to learn all the benefits and nuances of your particular camera. Become an expert with its uses. Learn more photographic skills here, for free!
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    Lighting is so important to master: Either by way of timing the rhythm of natural lights, or by way of artificial lighting sources you'll have the ability to capture your subjects mood and temperament. Shoot into a variety of lighting situations. After all, aren't those early morning dewy sunrises and shimmering golden afternoon sunsets capable of stirring our deepest being. These scenes powerfully affect us on many levels of which we are only beginning to understand. They can even remind us of our relationship to the infinite, our relationship to our creator. Learn more about photo lighting.
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    Choose subject matter carefully: Know your "center of interest," it is usually here within the photograph that draws in the eye. It is your center of interest that will make or break selling your travel photos.
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    Keep it Simple! Let's not forget: It is simple landscapes that often sell the best. People will buy these travel photos for several reasons, though for the most part these photos are purchased and subsequently framed and displayed, so they will eventually draw in our vision, while drawing out our fondest memories. The pictures can be divided into the categories of "destination driven," "activity driven," or simply "people & life experience driven."
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    Motivation behind "why" people buy certain travel photos. Destination travel photos will always be most popular. They remind people of having been there themselves or that this is somewhere they dream of going. Usually a destination is symbolic for a deeper value, such as a mental association with adventure, love & romance, perhaps some sweet friendships, experiences we have not remembered for years.
    • Some feel that simple candid, non-posed people and portrait photographs remind them of their relationships with each other and the love that was shared. These travel photos should leave one with a sense of longing. Perhaps some sadness. Perhaps joy. As long as the picture moves us emotionally - perhaps we are reminded of our humanity, or our courage, our faith, or maybe they just remind us of loved ones we miss so dearly. Certain pictures have the power to transport us back into our youth, remembering good times.
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    Organize your travel pictures into categories. Landscapes, seascapes, nature photos, landmarks, people and culture pictures, etc.
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    These final travel photos need to then be placed in either plastic sheets, or some kind of frame. The photos to be marketable have to be sold "professionally packaged" so that the consumer can immediately take them home, display them or hang them up and enjoy them.


  • Get involved with local street fairs and exhibits where you can either show your work or pay for a small booth and exhibit area. Only through trial and error will you eventually find the spots worthy of your time and resources.
  • Get exposure as a professional photographer. Enter a photo contest, such as provided at various times of the year by travel companies.
  • Build an inexpensive website and sell your travel photos direct to the public. This is an inexpensive option and can be viewed worldwide to a very large audience. Try this: No need to re-invent the wheel. Simply scout out websites that are selling similar photos to yours and from this you will gain pricing knowledge, as well as format of website.
  • Advertise your photographic skills and services to travel publications. Be prepared to show a sample of your work and have a portfolio of places your work has been shown. Publications Research-- Find these through the internet and research each company's requirements for solicitation.

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