How to Sew With Flannel

Flannel may or may not be a napped fabric. If the flannel is napped then follow the napped sewing pattern layout and fabric information found on the sewing pattern envelope. The following is general information for all flannel fabrics. Flannel was originally made from wool but is now made from a variety of fibers. Cotton flannel is a common fabric used for most sewing projects ranging from sheets to clothing. Historians believe flannel originated from Wales.


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    Buy a little extra fabric when preparing to sew as flannel is known to shrink.
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    Wash the flannel at least twice before starting to sew.
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    Allow extra fabric for a napped layout, if the flannel is napped. Napped fabric will show a directional design. Look to see which way the light is reflected and make sure to lay out all the sewing pattern pieces following the same design direction shown in the fabric.
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    Use a walking foot attachment when sewing to help prevent stretching.
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    Add an extra 1/2-inch to the sewing seam when sewing up a quilt to allow for fraying,

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