How to Shop for Fall

Fall should be comfy but fab at the same time!!


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    Make sure you get some (amazing) outfits for back to school. Graphic shirts & skirts, sweater & dresses, stripped clothes, jean jackets and (more) dresses, slip dresses and cardigans, shorts and khaki's, turtlenecks & shorts, bright jackets and oxfords, scarves and funky jeans, cropped tops and glam pants, oxfords and sweaters, trenches and utility pants, studded heels, mini skirts,knee high socks, pretty blouses and light jeans. Just a few ideas to get you started.
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    Add a new look to your wardrobe. Get girly with floral dresses, bow necklaces, soft shorts, patent bags, soft tanks and bright belts. Add a tomboy feel with bow hair-clips ,high waisted shorts, boots, messenger bags, and suspenders. Add a little glam with leather jackets, sparkle tanks, rock looking earrings, glitter high heels, chain bracelets and earrings, see through sweaters, heart necklaces, and tight skirts. Finally, add an artsy touch with plain dresses, floral painted bangles, coin necklaces, beach necklaces, plain sweaters, purple skirts, and floral high heels.
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    Make your own runway trends. Like that bag from Burberry? Make your own version. How about that shirt from Marc Jacobs? You can make it yourself. The best part of this is not only is it free, but you can add your own touch to it, not have the same look everyone else is rocking.
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    Add lots of accessories.
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    Jewelry: Jeweled necklaces, animal rings, dis-match bangles, fruit rings, star earrings, hello kitty earrings, bow necklaces, and drop earrings all are cute and make a sweet but edgy detail.
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    Shoes: Boots, patent flats, multi color sneakers, high heeled oxfords, black and white flats, preppy sneakers, nude wedges, bright pink sneakers, blue high heels, or red booties all make a subtle statement.
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    Bags: Green and black stripped, fringe, black and neon, leather, chain,clutches, and paisley all add a spice to the look.
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    Try the new Material Girl line. They have great lingerie like tops, funky skinny jeans, boots, and lotions.
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    Don't like your body? CHANGE IT. Maxi skirts, half tucked shirts, skinny jeans, heels, shorts, sweaters, and scarf all look good when you need to look taller. Or if you on the heavy side, try black clothes with little peep holes, deep V's, anything a-lined, and platforms. No curves at all? Pick soft poofy pieces with lower neck lines. Ruffled tops, tight dresses, shredded jeans, and wide belts add curves.
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    Find good deals.
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    Splurge on a really good piece. Make it only one. Maxi skirts, blazers, dresses, docs, tunics, graphic shirts, khaki's, leggings, dusters, and sweaters are all fall staples, but you could probably work all year round.
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    Buy the new stuff.
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    Get only the best skirts. The best skirts will work year round. Metallic will look cute at the up coming holiday parties or at the pool. Mini pleats will look preppy now, or fun at the clubs. Body con looks cozy or sexy. Paper bag looks casual or comfy. Knit looks fall ready or fun. High low is dramatic or a breeze.
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    If you find a sale at your fave stores, like Rue 21 or Bakers, go for it!
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    Get a new jacket.
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    Take you basics to the next level. Go ahead and wear your winter boots now. Use your jean jacket with a dress. Bring out your blazers. Don't be afraid to wear a sundress. Bring out boyfriend jeans, wear your new cardigans!!
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    Graphic nails will look good in any color... green, red, black, yellow, gray... it doesn't matter.
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    Edgy eyeliner? Yes, please!
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    Puffy hair CAN be worn without looking like Annie. Make sure it's structured, but soft. Let some flyaway show, add a headband, and tease it!
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    Don't be afraid of jewel tones, ESPECIALLY if you have blue, hazel, or brown eyes.
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    Buy new hair stuff. You should always have 2 shampoo's, 2 conditioners, mousse, some sort of frizz fighter, a styling cream, a hairspray, a gel, and a heat protectant.
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    Buy new makeup. You should always have mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss (in a range of shades), foundation (liquid or powder), bronzer, eyeliner (I prefer gel and liquid), and some nail polish shades.
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    Buy new skin products and perfumes. You should ALWAYS have a cleanser, a spot treatment, and a moisturizer. If you want, pick up some razors, perfumes, lotions, self tanners, bronzing lotion, and face scrubs. It's a matter of personal preference.
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    Take after celebs. Try new hairstyles like Haiwe, try shiny hair like Kendall, and Kat's bold makeup.
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    Get a prefect man! Whether you do it yourself, have your mom of friend to help you, or if you go to a salon is your call, not mine.
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    Wear the makeup for YOUR skin tone. Fairs-beige's should wear yellow's a peach foundations, metallic and neutral eyeshadow, peachy and bronze blush, and melon and pink glosses. Meanwhile, Olive-Golden tones should wear honey and sandy foundations, dark glittery and pinkish purple eye-shadows, bronze and grapefruit blushes, and peach and pink lips. And Bronze-deep ebony's should wear tinted moisturizers with warm and deep caramel tints (SHOW OFF your beautiful skin color!), champagne and jade eyeshadow, apricot and rosy blushes, and orange and berry glosses.
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    Make your hair standout! Waves, stand-out headbands, twists, knots, side parts, ponytails and braid are always cool... and SUPER easy.
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    Wear perfumes that compliment your style.


  • Add cozy pieces.
  • Buy the hottest new things but for cheaper then the cheap but expensive brands.
  • Mix different prints.
  • Add some fur.
  • Mix different textures.
  • Show some skin. Just a little.
  • Look at new celebs for inspiration, especially if you are in an age group. 11-14 year olds can look up to Bella Thorne, Zendaya and China Ann. 15-18 year olds can look up to Skyler from from "The Nine Lives Of Chloe King" and Naomi from "Terra Nova". And if your 19+, Crystal from "Teen Wolf" is super classy but fun at the same time!

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