How to Show off Your Curves

Three Parts:Wearing the Proper UndergarmentsWearing Clothing to Accentuate and Create CurvesWearing Curve-Accentuating Accessories

An hourglass shape with curves is considered by many people to be the ideal body type. But no matter what your body shape, from boy to athletic to curvy, any one can have an hourglass shape with curves. If you want to highlight or create curves, it’s important to know the right tricks when you’re getting dressed to achieve this look.

Part 1
Wearing the Proper Undergarments

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    Get properly fitted for a bra and shape wear. Having the right sized bra and undergarments, such as Spandex, is important to accentuate or create curves. Ill-fitting undergarments will not enhance your curves, but they may also be uncomfortable.[1]
    • Stores that specialize in quality lingerie can offer you qualified salespeople who will find for you the proper size bra. Note that sizing varies from one company to the next, so you may have a different bra size for each brand you wear.
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    Purchase and wear the right bra. Once you’ve been fitted for the proper sized bra, buy a bra that enhances and shapes your chest while supporting it.[2]
    • Get bras with an underwire, a good lining, and maybe even some padding.[3] Each of these features can take a curvy or boyish shape from drab to fab.
    • Buy a few styles so you have options for different looks. For example, you’ll want a nude bra for lighter colored clothing and a black one for darker garments. Having a seamless bra will create a smooth silhouette.[4]
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    Have the right shape wear. Undergarments such as Spandex help control specific parts of your body by highlighting or creating curves while while smoothing out your shape.[5]
    • Shape wear comes in all different shapes and sizes depending on where you would like to either accentuate or create curves. For example, you can get something that looks like a traditional “girdle” that will smooth out and enhance the curve of your bum, belly, and thighs, whether you are naturally curvy or have a more boyish shape.
    • You can buy shape wear at many stores and websites offering quality brands.

Part 2
Wearing Clothing to Accentuate and Create Curves

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    Have your clothing tailored. Clothing is usually mass-produced to accommodate standard body types. Clothes that are tailored to fit your body will accentuate or highlight curves while hiding any spots you may not like. Tailored pieces can also create curves if you aren’t naturally curvy.[6]Image:Show off Your Curves Step 4 Version 2.jpg|center]]
    • In order to best accentuate your curves, your clothes should be formfitting but not tight, nip in at your waist, hug your hips, and fall loosely over your thighs and calves.[7]
    • If you want to create curves on a slimmer figure, you can make your clothing tailored so it’s slightly more formfitting, but not skintight.[8]
    • For example, you can have a boxy top tailored to be more form fitting and flattering to your figure by adding darts, or have wrap dresses and skirts adjusted so that they just skim your curves.[9]
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    Wear solid colors and try color blocking. Solid colors will create a slim line and color blocking, which is a way of wearing two or more solid colors, will help further accentuate your curves.[10]
    • You can also use color blocking to create curves. For example, a dress that has side panels in a different color that taper in will define your waist and give you a curvier look.[11]
    • Horizontal color blocking, such as wearing one color on top and another on the bottom, is a bit more subtle but will also highlight your curves.[12]
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    Wear the right fabrics. Because fabrics fall in different ways on a person’s body, choosing the right fabrics for your clothing will help accentuate or create curves.[13]
    • The best options are medium-weight knits and soft fabrics that will drape well over your curves.[14] Consider cotton with a small percentage of spandex to help the garment lightly skim your body while retaining it’s shape.
    • If you aren’t naturally curvy, consider fabrics that have a bit more spandex to hug your body while creating curves.
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    Choose clothing details to accentuate or create curves. Small clothing embellishments and details, such as a peplum or an A-line, will accentuate or create curves by drawing the eye towards specific areas of your body.[15]
    • Peplums are a good way to make your hips look curvier.[16] The peplum should be structured and not hang loosely from the article of clothing.[17] If you’re wearing a peplum, stick to slim pants or pencil skirts that go below your knees to create a tapered look. This will make your hips look curvier and your waist smaller.[18]
    • High necklines can make a woman look boxy, so opt for lower necklines that break up your chest area and draw attention towards your face.[19]
    • Off the shoulder tops or strapless dresses draw horizontal lines across you and emphasize the widest part of your body. This makes your waist look smaller, helping to create an hourglass shape.[20]
    • An A-line skirt that nips in at the waist will also help create curves, especially if you pair it with a more form fitting, tucked-in top.[21]
    • Draping, which is often seen on soft, stretchy fabrics, is another way to create structure and highlight or create curves.[22]
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    Accentuate your waist. The most effective way to highlight your shape and create curves is to accentuate your waist.[23]
    • There are a number of ways you can do accentuate your waist, including wearing a belt or an A-line skirt, or getting tops tailored to your waist.[24]
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    Avoid loose or oversized clothing. Wearing clothing that is either too large for you or loose and flowing will hide your curves and create a boxy shape.[25]
    • Any woman can wear prints, just keep in mind the silhouette. If you’re naturally curvy, use prints to play up one part of your body while keeping the rest of your outfit simple. If you’re naturally slim, you can wear prints with just about anything. For example, you might consider a printed blouse with a nipped in waist to create curves.[26]

Part 3
Wearing Curve-Accentuating Accessories

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    Wear a belt. Accentuating your waist is one of the best ways to show off your curves and wearing a belt will help to create a waistline on any look.[27]
    • Make sure the belt fits with your look. There are innumerable choices in belts, and finding the right style is key to creating a waist. For example, if you are wearing a tighter top, wear a thinner belt. For dresses, you can choose thicker belts, including Japanese-style obis.
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    Wear high-heeled shoes. A pair of simple, classic heels will not only lengthen your legs, but also help create an hourglass shape.[28]
    • Make sure to choose simple heels and avoid details like ankle-straps, which will cut the line of your look.[29]
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    Accentuate your look with jewelry. You’ll want to pull your curve-highlighting look together with the right jewelry. From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, these simple details will complete your outfit, giving you confidence.
    • Longer earrings and necklaces will highlight your shoulders.
    • A stack of glittery bracelets can draw attention to your hips.
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    Have confidence. One accessory every woman should have that will help draw attention to curves is confidence. Putting together your curve-accentuating look and knowing that you look good will give you this confidence.

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