How to Sign Up for an EPPC Youth Event

If you are a part of EPPC Youth, you know how much fun participating in their events can be! Now, find out exactly how to let them know you're interested in attending one of their stellar events.


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    Make a Decision. This first step is probably the most important. You can't participate in an event if you don't first decide to do so. For you, a sub-step under the "Making a Decision" category might be "Find out if my friends are going." This is totally okay and understood. But may we suggest that you be the bold one. Take that first step, go ahead and convince your friends how much fun it will be, and that you indeed will be signing up too.
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    Notify Your Parents. This step is crucial to the success of your eventual attendance at an EPPC Youth event. Many (although not nearly all) of EPPC Youth events cost a little money. If you're like many teenagers, you depend on your parents for your cash flow. Make sure they're aware of how much the event costs and when the money is due. Also, your parents want to be in the know. They love you dearly, so communicate with them about any EPPC Youth event you may wish to attend. And while you're at it, why not talk to them about your life. They want to hear about that stuff too.
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    Write Your Name on the Sign-Up Sheet. Most EPPC Youth events have a sign-up sheet located in the Youth Room. There are always writing utensils on hand for your convenience. PLEASE NOTE: Write legibly. How will anyone know who you are if your penmanship is muddled and untidy. Print if you need to. Also, do not sign up friends, superheros, alter egos, or any other fictitious person without their prior consent. All involved would be disappointed to realize the day of the next event that Cap'n Crunch actually hadn't been planning to attend.
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    Email. With some events (especially during the summer) the official sign-up procedure will necessitate your notification via email.


  • EPPC Youth loves it when you sign up early. At times, preferential treatment may be awarded to students who sign up quickly after a sign-up is posted. (i.e. fabulous prizes, dinner out, bestowing of a good feeling inside).
  • EPPC Youth understands that students' lives are busy. It is gracefully understood if you have commitments that warrant you missing an event.


  • Late sign-ups cause confusion with EPPC Youth and its leaders who plan radical events. Better to avoid unneeded anxiety.
  • Attendance at an event without proper paperwork on file (release/health info form etc.) may also cause unnecessary perplexity and stress and should be avoided as well.

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