How to Slice an Apple

Three Methods:Slicing Around the CoreSlicing Into QuartersSlicing in a Grid

If you don't have an apple corer, then you will need to use a sharp chef's knife or paring knife. There are several ways to slice an apple, with varying degrees of efficiency. Above all, make sure that you remove the core! Apple seeds contain amygdalin, a chemical that releases cyanide when it comes into contact with human digestive enzymes.[1]

Method 1
Slicing Around the Core

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    Place the apple upright on a cutting board. The apple should rest upright on its own, but you may need hold it steady to ensure a clean cut.
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    Cut around the core. Hold a sharp knife in your dominant hand. Slightly offset the blade from the stem so that you avoid slicing through the core. Try, however, to cut as close to the core as possible.[2] Once the knife is in place, apply force to push the blade straight down to the cutting board. Slice through all the sides of the apple until only the core remains.[3]
    • Cut the apple into thirds or quarters – whichever is easiest for you. Quarters will preserve more of the edible apple around the core, but thirds may take slightly less time to cut.[4]
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    Dispose of the core. Compost the core, if possible.[5] If you don't have access to a compost bin, put the core into the garbage.
    • Feel free to nibble away any remaining apple that clings to the core. Avoid eating the seeds!
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    Slice the apple. Place the flat side of each large slice face down on the cutting board. Then, use the knife to slice or dice the apple into pieces. You can make thin slices for snacking or baking. Try dicing the apple to mix into salads and other dishes![6]

Method 2
Slicing Into Quarters

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    Carve the apple into four equal chunks. First, arrange the apple upright on a cutting board. Then, use a sharp knife to cut the fruit in half directly through the core. Finally, slice each of these halves in half along the stem axis. You should have four roughly-equal quarters.
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    Remove the core. Use your knife to scoop out the seeded portion of each apple slice. To preserve as much as the apple as possible, carve out only the small crescent that encases the seeds. Compost the core, or dispose of it the garbage.[7]
    • For a slightly quicker method, simply slice off the edge of the apple quarter that includes the core. You might lose some edible apple this way, but you won't need to be so precise.[8]
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    Slice the quarters into wedges. Place the apple quarter skin-up on the cutting board. Then, slice or dice each apple quarter into pieces of your desired size and shape. For a snack-ready portion, try slicing each quarter into three wedges.[9]
    • Feel free to eat the apple quarters as they are. You have removed the core and the seeds, so the apple is perfectly edible in this form.

Method 3
Slicing in a Grid

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    Make the initial cuts. Hold the apple upside-down, and slice vertically through the fruit a few centimeters away from the core. Make two parallel cuts: one on each side of the core, so that the apple falls into three pieces.
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    Slice the grid. Make two more vertical cuts in the apple, equidistant from the core but perpendicular to the first two cuts. The apple should be sliced into a neat grid with nine clean pieces. The central piece is the core.[10]
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    Put a rubber band around the apple. The band should be tight enough to hold the apple solidly together. If the rubber band is loose, try double-wrapping it. Alternately, wrap the apple in saran wrap or anything else that will hold the pieces together.
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    Take it on the go. Now, you have an easy-to-eat apple snack that you can bring along with you on your daily journey. The band will hold the apple together without exposing the delicate insides to the air. This will keep the apple from browning.[11]
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  • Use a paring knife or a chef's knife. Make sure that the knife is sharp enough to easily carve through the apple.
  • Don't worry about eating a few apple seeds. You would need to finely chew and swallow about 200 apple seeds—roughly 20 apple cores—in order to receive a fatal dose of cyanide. It is better to spit out the seeds – but just a few won't hurt you.[12]


  • Don't slice yourself! Be careful not to place your fingers too close to the knife blade while you hold the apple.

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