How to Sneak Banned Drinks Into Class

Does your school ban or not tolerate drinks other than water? It's annoying, but can be overcome easily so this article can serve as your guide.


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    Think about which drink you're going to take to school. There are plenty of drinks that you may want to have at school, such as energy drinks, soft drinks, lemonade, sports drinks, and more. Think about the color and opacity of the liquid, and the ability to hide it. These factors will influence how you bring the drink to school. Some drinks can be brought into school in a glass bottle, as long as you remove the label, making the teacher think it's water. Others require different bottles. Make sure to properly know the situation before bringing your drink to school.
    • Never, under any circumstances, bring alcohol to school. Even if you're of the legal age to drink it, most schools ban alcohol, and you can't learn very well when you're drinking alcohol, anyway. There are often severe consequences for this when you get found out - and it will happen - that can range from suspension to expulsion.
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    Get an opaque water bottle or canteen. While a tinted water bottle may work to hide lighter-colored drinks, if you want to be absolutely certain you won't be found out by sight, get an opaque water bottle and use it to hold your drink. Be careful when pouring your drink into it, and wipe any spills off the side of it. Many drinks get quite sticky when they dry, making you a target for being found out.
    • You may want to begin by bringing in water in this bottle, so that if your teachers question you, you can show them the contents of the bottle (which, at that point in time, will just be water). After a few weeks of bringing this bottle, your teachers will probably get the idea and be led to believe that you only bring water in that bottle, making them believe they have no reason to suspect you of doing anything wrong.
    • Some opaque bottles have logos on them, such as water bottles with a Gatorade logo on them. If you have one of these, consider removing the label, or getting a different bottle. If your teacher questions you because of the logo and you have a banned drink in there, there's no getting out of that one.
    • If you want to drink a non-carbonated drink that's fairly clear, such as lemonade, you may be able to get away with a heavily tinted water bottle. However, this isn't foolproof, and will not work for drinks such as soda, which are obviously carbonated and may have very artificial coloring.
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    Keep quiet about your banned drink. When bringing a banned drink to school, you may be tempted to brag about it to your friends. Don't. One of your friends could tell on you, or somebody else could overhear, whether it's another student or a staff member. You wouldn't want to get your drink past the teacher, only to have the principal catch you because you talked about it to your friends!
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    Keep the bottle closed at all times. Unless you're taking a drink from the bottle, do not have it open at any point. Some drinks have very strong smells, especially when it's contained in a bottle for long periods of time. Even if you don't think the drink smells, some people have a very strong sense of smell and may end up alerting the teacher by innocently asking, "What's that smell?"
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    Don't spill your drink. Some clearer drinks, such as clear sodas, may be easier to get away with if you end up spilling, as there's minimal to no color in them. However, sports drinks or sodas are often tinted with some kind of color, which means if you spill, it will be fairly obvious.
    • Often, it's easier to get away with spilling drinks on concrete or carpet than it is on a desk or tile, but if your drink is artificially colored, you'll be given away no matter what.
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    Enjoy your drink, but not too much. You don't want to drink everything in first period and have nothing left for the rest of the day!


  • Try pretending to have a sore throat.


  • Some teachers do not allow you to drink anything in class, period. These teachers will get you in trouble regardless of what you're drinking. In these classes, avoid drinking from your water bottle at all.
  • Avoid drinks that can stain your teeth. If you do bring a drink that stains your teeth, the teacher will see your teeth and you will get in trouble.
  • Do not bring alcohol to school.

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  • A drink that is not alcohol

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