How to Space Clear a Room

Space clearing is a holistic technique, possibly derived from Feng Shui practices, where the organization of your environment helps to provide you with harmony and inner balance. Space clearing has been reported to lead to quality of life and even health improvements in many individuals.


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    De-clutter the room you are about to space clear, in other words, make it as simple and clean as possible.
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    Take as long as necessary to calm and center yourself. Take time and think carefully about what you want this space clearing to achieve, such as a better, healthier atmosphere, improved sleep and overall health or maybe the start of a happier, calmer, more fulfilled time of your life; it is completely personal to you.
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    Do this by yourself, making sure that children and pets are not present, as they have a tendency to add to clutter!
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    Wear comfortable clothing and if possible stay barefoot.
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    Open all the windows to allow fresh air to circulate as you work.
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    Optionally call in whatever angels or divine beings are appropriate to you and your situation. Obviously this step is only useful if you believe in such beings.
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    Use bells or cymbals in each corner of the room and in the center to shake up and disperse the stagnant, stale energy. If you don’t have access to a bell, a metal pot and spoon is just fine!
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    Light your smudge stick or incense carefully and walk around the room, holding a fireproof container under the stick to catch any ash. Many believe that that tracing the figure 8 can bring in an extra divine element.
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    Finish the space clearing, with either a bowl of salt placed in the middle of the room you have just cleared, or you can place small bowls of salt in each corner to absorb any residual negative energy.
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    Light a candle, at the same time stating your wish for the space clearing. Thank all the divine beings who have helped you, if they did.
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    Place your flowers where you can enjoy them and relax.


  • Clear one room at a time, after making sure you have cleaned and de-cluttered the area thoroughly. If you space clear a room that is messy, untidy and cluttered, the effects will be nullified.


  • Do not do this work if you feel unwell, tired, if you are pregnant or if you feel anxious in any way. You need to be at your best to space clear with maximum effect!

Things You'll Need

  • Salt – preferably sea salt, unopened and sealed until ready to use. Fantastic for absorbing negativity of all kinds.
  • Incense and or sage smudge sticks. Both of these are easily available at any good health food shop. Incredibly cleansing and healing.
  • Cymbals or bells. A nice clear tone that sounds pleasing to you. The best thing for shaking out stuck and stagnant energy, particularly in corners.
  • Fresh flowers. Beautifully scented and gorgeous to look at, they will lift the atmosphere of any room.
  • Candles. Essential for focusing your intentions when working in a room.

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