How to Spend Less on Dairy Products

Dairy products are becoming increasingly expensive in some countries or regions. Rather than foregoing having them in your well-rounded diet, there are some good ways to cut the costs on dairy and still enjoy it in your daily fare.


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    Prefer stronger flavoured cheese. Cheese that has a stronger flavour goes further. For example, choose Parmesan or Pecorino cheese and grate lesser amounts of these types of cheese into your cooking. You will still get the same flavor without having to use as much cheese.
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    Shop with bargains in mind. Be open to trying different brands of dairy products so that you can take advantage of the specials. Cut out coupons and look for home brands or budget brands as well; for some products such as milk, there is unlikely to be a flavor difference.
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    Compare the pre-prepared cheese products with block cheese. Pre-prepared cheese products, such as pre-grated or sliced cheese are often more expensive pound for pound, kilo for kilo. Be wary of this when purchasing cheese products. However, sometimes a grated cheese product or bulk pre-sliced cheese boxes go on special and may be an excellent deal - once again, keep an eye out for the bargains.
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    Bulk buy. If your family consumes a lot of dairy products, look for larger sized packaging. This will be cheaper than smaller packages and you can break down the packaging and place cheese, milk, yogurt etc. into smaller containers at home that are easier to use.
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    Freeze. Some dairy products can be frozen, for example, cheese and milk. If you find these products on special, buy more than usual and freeze some. Don't forget to date the products on the day of freezing. Wrap cheese in parchment paper and place in an airtight container. Milk can be frozen in its container provided it is not in glass.
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    Make your own. If you love yogurt, purchase a yogurt maker and make your own at home. You can add fresh fruits and flavors as desired.
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    Substitute. Substituting less expensive dairy options for more expensive dairy products is a good way to stretch their use.
    • Use evaporated milk to make creamy sauces and desserts in place of milk or cream;
    • Use cottage cheese in place of grated cheese with baked pasta dishes. Crush the cottage cheese with a fork and mix with a little milk to make a smooth paste.
    • Use milk powder in place of fresh milk. You will find it goes a lot further and does not change the taste in cooking (it's less desirable in cereals and hot drinks if you're used to fresh milk). You can also substitute water or juice for milk in numerous baking recipes.
    • Make grated cheese go further by mixing with breadcrumbs.
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    Visit the source. Tour local cheese factories and dairies that are open to the public to purchase items from the farmer's door. This can save money and be an excuse for an afternoon's picnic tour close to your home area. Beware boutique prices though - sometimes this can be more expensive! Alternately, try farmer's markets for fresh, local dairy bargains.


  • You can halve the amount of grated cheese that you are used to using and still get the great taste of cheese and the health benefits of not eating too much cheese.

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