How to Spend the First Day with a Pet Rock

The first day with your pet rock is particularly special, as is it's preparation. Read on to figure out how to plan and execute a bonding time with your rock.


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    Prepare the following:
    • A simple bed. This can be a rolled up sock, a folded (clean) handkerchief, a matchbox filled with cotton or a nest of tissues. This can also include flowers, grass, or leaves.
    • Bath soap, scented oils and a clean basin. This will be used for cleaning the rock from its outdoor state to something better for handling etc.
    • Any decorations you want to use, like nail polish, a marker pen etc. Simple and hardwearing decorations or none at all are recommended.
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    Find a rock. There are already explanations of how to find a pet rock on wikiHow, so take a look around. Once you find it, hold it in your hand and make sure it's the right one. Keep it warm by keeping it in your pocket, your hand or tucked inside your shirt while you prepare the next few steps.
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    Begin the first cleaning process by clearing the basin and getting out your soaps/oils. This will be a very intense bath to make sure that there's no dirt or mud left from outside on your rock. There are a few steps with different purpose, and different water temperature/tools. These soaks don't need to be too large, just enough to lightly submerge the rock.
    • Run a very hot soak, as hot as you can stand without being painful or uncomfortable to touch. Take a scrubbing brush or your own hands and rub off any excess dirt. This hot bath will help soften the dirt, making it easier to rub off. You can also use detergent soap or bar soap to help.
    • Rinse and run a cold soak with a splash of Dettol or other disinfectant. It's important to get rid of bacteria from the outside, since your rock could have had animal waste or festering plants on it. Rinse thoroughly.
    • Now, run a lukewarm soak and add sweet-smelling bath soap or scented oils. You can add anything you like, such as flower petals, bath powder, bubble bath, even slices of lemon.
    • Rinse your rock thoroughly in clean water and pat dry with a clean towel. Add a drop of scented oil and rub it gently on to your rock.
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    Allow your rock to sit and dry further by sitting in its bed. It's best to set it beside you while you do something like watch television or play a video game. Don't try to rush everything in the first afternoon, give it time.
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    Name your rock once you feel accustomed to it. Record it's weight, shape, colour, height, markings and the date it was found.
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    Once your rock has been around for a good few hours, you can decorate it. A simple stripe of nail polish or a buffing/polishing is effective and will make your rock noticeable if you drop it on the ground.


  • Don't rush anything, or you'll end up getting bored quickly.

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