How to Spend Your Free Time (Girls)

From time to time, many girls get a little bored, especially during summer vacation. So here are some steps to follow to blow away your boredom.


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    Internet. As you know, the Internet is the most available tool to relieve your boredom! It contains so many interesting sites and cool stuff, which can leave you breathless! All you have to do is explore them. Start with Google, the most popular website on earth, because you can find everybody and everything from there:
    • Computer Games (like
    • Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others.
    • Chats where you can talk to people all over the world.
    • Wikipedia where you can get new knowledge.
    • wikiHow where you can read, edit and write new how-to articles.
    • Websites where you can learn to speak new languages.
    • Virtual cities.
    • Designing programs.
    • Google Earth which allows you to travel and explore every centimeter on earth.
    • YouTube - Share videos and music, etc.
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    Improve your social status. Invite friends over to a sleepover or slumber party, or create a studying group (which is a great way to meet new people). Try going out all together and raid the nearest mall or shopping center! You could also either go to the movies or to a're going to have so much fun!
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    Get moving! Vacation, or free time, is a great time to start working out. Try doing it with a close friend, you'll have so much fun, I promise. Go to a gym or a Pilates (or Yoga, or any other class you find interesting) class. You can buy a Cardio/Aerobics etc. DVD and working out with a friend, sister, parent or any other person you like (sports in pairs = better results and having a good time together). Also, you can load your iPod or another music player and go jogging somewhere. Try it out, you might have fun. Good Luck!
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    Study. Yes, you shouldn't spend all your free time studying - the main thing is to relax and get a break from school. But the fact is, you shouldn't delay your studying time, because then you'll wake up one day and go: and then you'll get stressed out, which is bad, and things just won't go well. So, take it seriously: you need it. If you study for a little bit of your free time regularly, it will be a lot more effective and less time-consuming than having studying take up all of your free time just before a test because you're not ready. If studying school material makes you nervous because you're not good at it, have a look at How to Learn Effectively, or think about getting a tutor.
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    Read! Reading isn't just for geeks, because it's actually sort of fun. Eventually, everybody finds the type of books he or she likes (horror, romance, thriller, etc.) and enjoys. You can go to the nearest library or bookstore and check out their collection.
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    Have some me-time! If you have spare time, you could use it and turn it into "me-time". Take an hour or two for your body and soul: have a beauty bath, relax, breathe, take care of your skin and your body, listen to slow music and have a home spa.
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    Get lots of sleep. Weekends and holidays are ideal times to catch up on your sleep.

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