How to Spend Your Weekend Quietly

After a tiring week with a busy schedule,you will almost most certainly want to relax and enjoy yourself.Don't know what to do or how to spend your weekend? Read these tips and you will have a great quiet weekend.


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    Make sure all your homework is completed and finished. No one likes homework hassle hanging over them and if you are worried about your homework then it may ruin your weekend for you. Get it done as soon as you get home!
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    Think about what things you like doing and which are relaxing and quiet. Some ideas are:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening to music(but not too loud!)
    • Watching TV or watching DVDs.
    • Going on the computer
    • You could read some fiction books,or books that have different facts and pictures in them. You could write a collection of short stories or start writing a long novel. Choose some catchy tunes you like. If there's nothing good on TV,then you could choose a DVD\s to keep you occupied. The computer has all sorts of fun things to do! You can chat to your friends,listen to music,visit your fave websites and look at and write articles on wikiHow.
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    Feeling worn out? Run a luxurious bubble bath. Exfoliate and wash your body. Use shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and leave it silky soft. Use a body lotion or moisturizer to smooth your skin. Comb your hair and use a soothing hand wash and cream. Change into your PJ's if its at the end of the day.
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    Make your bed extra comfy and have sweet dreams by using a soft duvet and plump pillow. You can also include cushions and a few cute teddies. Your PJ's should be comfortable too. Have a hot drink and read, as it is relaxing and can help you get to sleep.


  • Some other fun things you can do are:

    • Use cosmetics and do your hair
    • Do some gentle exercise or go for a walk in the fresh air.
    • Do crafts: anything from filling in books, scrap booking and jewelry making is fun!
    • Make your TV\film session more fun by lighting a fire in your fireplace in the living room and adding a few snacks. Bliss!
    • Play with your pets, give them some affection.
    • Why not invite a friend over to join in the pampering session?
    • Write a few lists(i.e,something fun like what you'd like to get next time you go shopping)and a letter or card to someone.
    • Write ideas on what to do when bored at the weekend!
    • Look at other wikiHows for more ideas.


  • Don't go to bed late on Sunday night,as you may oversleep and be late for school the following Monday. Also, you will feel tired and probably knackered and won't be able to concentrate.
  • Only do things you're allowed to do
  • Only talk to people you know online and never meet up with people who you don't know in person.
  • Be safe! And don't leave a fireplace unattended (unless there is a guard around it).
  • Be careful when doing any form of exercise or going for a walk.

Things You'll Need

  • Things to do hobbies:
  • Books
  • TV and DVDs
  • Craft materials
  • Computer
  • Cd player and Cd's (can listen to music on computer)
  • Bath stuff
  • Cosmetics and hair stuff
  • Bed stuff
  • Food (optional)

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