How to Split PDF Pages

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If you have problems splitting pages in a PDF, the following process will simplify this for you.


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    Go to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
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    In the search bar, type At the centre of the webpage as soon as it opens, there will be a section "Drag File here". Select the document either from your computer or from Google drive––it depends upon your preference.
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    Use custom split or common split. Is is recommended that you use custom split, as it is the easiest.
    • Common split
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    • Custom split.
      Image titled Custom Split.JPG
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    After clicking on Custom split, you will have all the pages of the pdf. Then there are two options––drag it onto the PDF file 1 or PDF file 2, or select which page you want in the particular PDF 1 or 2.
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    After that, there will be split PDF in an orange box. Click that button. It will take a few minutes.
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    Avoid the message "like us on Facebook, Twitter". Instead, click on "Just give me my PDF". Click on it, then save it to computer by clicking the save to computer option.

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