How to Spot while dancing

Spotting is an effective technique used by dancers, it is used as an aid to execute a perfect turn in many different forms of dance. A successful spot will prevent you from getting dizzy. The explanation below will help to get you started.


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    Slow beginnings. Begin by taking this slowly, practice makes perfect. Although it is not necessarily a difficult move to master it is nonetheless used by professional dancers and ballerinas so make sure you are warmed up, including your neck so that you don't strain anything and take your time, start by walking it through, then slowly speeding it up over time.
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    The Spot. Find a 'spot' on the wall in front of you, perhaps a mark, a fixture or you can even place some tape on the wall and make your own mark. Make sure that it is something that you can see clearly from where you are stood as this is your focus point. It needs to be at your eye level so you are not looking too far down or too far up which will throw you off your balance. If it helps, start with something big and noticeable on the wall until you have become more confident in doing this move and then you can reduce the size of your spot.
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    Preparation. Stand up straight with your hands on your shoulders. Begin by slowly turning to the right whilst continuing to keep your head focused on the spot. Having your hands on your shoulders assists your balance so later on when you have practiced a lot you can bring your arms out to the side.
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    Execution. When you have turned your body more to the right than your head, your head will also need to turn, this is around the point where your chin is over the top of your left shoulder. You will also know when you have got to this point as you won't be able to keep your focus on the spot anymore and naturally your body will want to move your head. Don't over-stress you're body by forcing it to keep looking at the spot, listen to your body and you will know when your head needs to turn.
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    Completion. As you continue to turn your body to the right whip your head around and focus back on the spot again. Your head will now be facing more to the left then your body is and then just let your body follow your head back to your starting point.
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    Final thought. The idea of this move is to give you focus, once you speed up your rotations, especially to the speed of ballerinas, you need a spot to keep you balanced, steady and graceful in your execution. In doing this properly you will have kept yourself more aware and orientated but it will also help to make your rotation appear to be faster and sharper.


  • Spotting can help to reduce dizziness but eventually experience will help your body to become more accustomed to spinning. So keep practicing until you have nailed it.


  • Do not wear socks, if you are an amateur dancer and don't have the correct footwear then just do it barefoot to prevent injury.
  • If you start to feel very dizzy or sick stop and lie down for a while and drink lots of water.
  • Make sure you do not look at your spot for so long that your neck hurts.
  • Do not do this on a rug as you will trip over. Use a hard floor.

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