How to Stand at Ease

Standing at ease means that you still stay in ranks, but you are in a more relaxed position. The command is "Stand at Ease" and "Parade Rest" they are almost the same for Army and Air Force. Navy and Marine Corps stand at ease with the hands together in front of them. This training pertains to the Army/Air Force "At Ease" Command.


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    Wait for the command "At Ease" or "Stand At Ease" .
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    Simultaneously move your left foot only out shoulder width, while reaching both your hands behind your back. Make sure your knee of your left leg comes parallel to the ground and is slammed into the ground.
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    Interlock the thumbs of both your hands, with your left hand in front, and hold them right above your waistline.
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    Unless you are at "Parade Rest", you may NOT move your feet.
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    If you are simply "At Ease", you may move your left foot a small amount.
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    If you are ordered to "Stand at Ease", someone will be speaking to you. You may assume the same attitude as "parade rest", but you should direct your attention to the speaker.
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    If at "Parade Rest", continue facing forward. You should assume an attitude of being at "Attention".


  • If you are called on by an officer or senior N.C.O. while standing at ease, immediate come to "Attention" when you answer it. You may go back to at ease when the conversation is over.
  • You have to have been at attention before going to at ease. Similarly, you have to go to attention before being dismissed or starting marching if you were at ease.
  • If you are Guidon Bearer, you will go to "At Ease" while the leader is away from your presence, if any other units are "At Ease". You will come to "Attention", without prompting, when the leader reenters your presence.
  • If you are standing guard duty, you should come to "Attention" in the presence of an officer (or while he passes).


  • Do NOT move your right foot.
  • Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) teaches you the paramilitary way of "Standing at Ease." The right foot could not be moved. Only the left foot is to move.

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