How to Stand Up to People in Upper Grade (Freshman Year)

High School: two words which can give you chills or put a smile on your face. If you are a freshman just starting high school, it's likely that you're nervous and apprehensive about dealing with bothersome upperclassmen and getting through your first year of high school. So read on to help yourself out for smooth sailing throughout high school.


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    Rely on your old friends. As you are in high school already, you must have gone through tough middle school years and have made some really good friends along the way. Its time to help each other. Know that you are not alone in high school. In addition to your old friends, you have plenty of new people to meet and get to know. Hold these people close to you. Rely on them in any situation, and let them know that they can rely on you.
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    Form a solid group of friends. Chances are your old friends know some people that you don't; befriend them. Get to know several new friends and integrate them with your old friends to form a strong group. Having friends at school makes high school much more fun, and having a group to rely on can help keep you safe and secure.
    • Bullies tend to pick on the weaker targets. A herd of sheep is stronger than a solitary dolly. Having a group of friends will discourage any bullies from picking on you and your friends.
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    Ask your siblings to help you find your place at school. If you have an older brother or sister already established at your high school, ask them to help you get acquainted with the school. They can introduce you to teachers or administrators and show you around campus so that you'll never get lost. They can also help you meet people and make friends, and they'll always be there for you when you need them. And if your sibling is popular in school, then you are a celeb already. Nobody messes with the brother of the prom king.
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    Turn to teachers or other adults for help. You should never feel unsafe at school. If you're being bullied, or if you just feel threatened, immediately ask a teacher, your parents, or even the school principal for help. Your school should have procedures in place to deal with bullying, so although bringing the issue up to an adult can seem scary, this is the best way to get it solved quickly.


  • Try not to pick fights yourself.
  • Try to avoid bullies or other people who make you nervous, and stick to your friends.

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