How to Start a Relationship

Having trouble finding a boyfriend or girlfriend who is just right for you? Want to get closer to someone? Scroll past the jump to learn how to start a relationship.


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    Be awesome at anything; if you're smart, show it off; if you're funny, make people laugh; if you are good at sports, give a demonstration. Let people know how you are different. Look far and wide. If you find yourself without 'any prospects', then you are probably not looking in the right places. Think of what you like to do that defines who you are. Ask yourself, 'where would someone meet me?' If you're into sports or exercise, then look into places where people do those things.
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    Look for someone who you can easily talk to. The most important part of any type of relationship is communication. If you cannot communicate effectively with your partner, your relationship will probably not go far.
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    Talk to the person. Most people do not like to jump straight into a relationship. Find a reason to talk to the person. Try to have an engaging, interesting conversation to determine if you and the other person are compatible.
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    Be yourself. Give the other person an honest representation of yourself. Mistrust and deceit could ultimately harm your relationship.
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    Flirt. Flirting is a fine activity if you are interested in people who like to flirt. The social and playful activity certainly draws attention and make a person more interested in you.
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    Take things slowly. There is no need to rush into a relationship. If you move too quickly, the other person may be turned off. Try to continue doing your normal routine, with them in mind, rather than changing your whole life around them.
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    Talk about relationships. When you feel comfortable enough to ask the other person to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, discuss it with that person and see if he or she feels the same way.


  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Be hygienic!
  • Treat the other person with respect. If the other person has dissimilar beliefs to you, do not disparage the person or his or her beliefs.
  • Treat and respect that person with manners.
  • Don't reveal very personal information soon after meeting the person. Past traumas or experiences could scare away someone who is trying to determine if he or she is interested in you.
  • Be attentive and get to know them. Try to find out what they are looking for in a relationship to see if you are looking for the same thing together. Religion is a big deal too.
  • Don't be upset if the person doesn't feel the same about you as you do about them. You will find someone who is right for you some day!
  • Flirting is great but don't do it too much. It shows you are desperate and keen for a relationship even though you don't know the person well.


  • To really get to know a person, try to delay sexual intimacy as long as possible so you'll be able to make the best objective decision on whether or not this will be a good relationship for the both of you. Many people find it difficult to see people for what they really are, once they have started an intimate relationship. Try to build an emotional and intellectual foundation for your relationship, rather than a purely physical one.
  • Remember that you're not trying to find lots of people to start relationships with, just one.
  • Never compromise your morals. If the person you are interested in is not interested in you, then you should move on. Don't ever feel bad about it as this happens to all of us. Some people are very polite and you may not realize immediately that they aren't interested. But, given time, it should become apparent. In the meantime, take it slow, and even if you are head-over-heels, don't reveal this right away, at least until you are sure they are genuinely interested in you, too, or they could use your attraction to their benefit. Usually, it is best to reveal one's feelings step by step, not much more nor much less than the other has revealed. However, people have very different ways for showing that they are or are not interested, so do not break up, or step it up, without talking things through as to where you're both headed.
  • Remember that certain things don't go the way we want. So always bear in mind that even if you are heartbroken after a certain issue, don't worry. Cry and let go your feelings.
  • Be sure to understand the risks of intercourse. If both partners agree to sexual activity, then feel free to pursue it. Sexual intimacy allows you to determine if you and your partner are physically, as well as emotionally, compatible. However, STD's and pregnancy are risks associated with sexual intercourse and safe sex should be practiced to avoid any unintended consequences.
  • If you feel you need time to decide, do not hesitate to take it. It is always better to take time rather than rushing into a relationship, which may be bad. Your goal is to find a good mate for a relationship. If something feels wrong, think things through twice before acting.

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