How to Start Learning Poi

Poi is a manipulation of weights (sometimes on fire) attached to chains or ropes. It is considered a dance, and an art. With enough practice and dedication, you will be able to amaze your friends with your dazzling technique. See Step 1 to get started.


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    Poi can be either made or purchased. Poi can be made by using tennis balls and rope. Put the rope through the ball and tie a knot in the end. Tie a loop in the other end of the rope. You should have two of these. Another option is the use of football (soccer) socks. If you buy poi, then it's advised to start with soft poi (bean-bag style) rather than glow poi which tend to be harder, or fire poi which are very dangerous and should only be attempted after a lot of practice.
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    Slip the looped ends of the rope over your hands. If you have bought poi they will probably have two loops at the end, put your index and middle finger through these.the string should be roughly the same length as your arm.
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    The ideal place to practice poi is either outside in good weather, or in an open space with a high ceiling indoors.
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    Hold your arms down by your sides and swing both poi to get a bit of momentum going, slowly(about a second a rotation, it doesn't sound slow but its very tempting to try to go faster, at which point its harder to control) rotate your wrists so the ball spins forward. Keep practicing this trying to keep the movement equally timed on both sides("in beat"). It can often help to practice to music to keep this beat. If possible watch your reflection to make sure the poi are parallel, not crossing in front of you or spinning out.
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    WEAVING: the most basic trick. Practice with one poi first. start by spinning as you have been doing then cross your arm in front of your chest, if possible try not to move the whole arm but focus the movement in the wrist. Mastering this helps to greatly control your movements and is essential for harder tricks. Try to move the poi in a figure of eight shape (practice without the poi first if you're scared of hitting yourself) so it crosses in front of you, circles on the opposite side, then returns to the start.
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    Once you feel you have mastered this repeat with the other poi. Then try with both. DON'T cross them in front at exactly the same time or they will tangle up and hit you. Instead, move them across a beat after each other(it helps if you see one as following the other).
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    This basic weave is the basis of many other tricks so once you've mastered that you're off to a flying start.
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    Look online or ask a friend to show you some special moves. Practice these.


  • The more you practice, the better you'll get.


  • Don't try poi that are lit on fire until you're very, very good. Battery-powered toy lights are just as cool and much less dangerous.

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