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Puzzle Pirates is an open-ended multi-player game, developed by Three Rings Design. It's a game played by many people from around the globe every day.[1]

In Puzzle Pirates, you take on the role of a Pirate. After creating your Pirate, you are free to travel from Island to Island around the Ocean, earning your keep as a sailor and buccaneer. You can use your wealth to buy yourself a ship, fill out your wardrobe, or even become a merchant yourself. There is almost no limit to what you can do!

Uniquely among massively multi-player games, many of the aspects of the Puzzle Pirates world are based on playing fun and engaging puzzles. For example, sword fighting between players is an interactive puzzle; the different aspects of maintaining your pirate ship are each solo puzzles; sailing the ship in battle is a strategic puzzle you play against other players. As a result, the game will always present you with new and interesting challenges: You are never limited by the level of your character, only by your skill at each of the game's 20 puzzles!


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    Visit and click on Play Now. You can also connect via your Facebook account.
    • Create a pirate through your web browser (or download download the desktop version of the game, and then create a pirate/ account - read below).

    • It is recommended to download the desktop version of the game, as it is known to be faster, better and more efficient than the web-browser version.

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    Once downloaded, follow on-screen instructions and install the game on your computer.
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    Open the game. Create a new account and a pirate. Choose your preferences and click Play Now!
    • Choose a pirate name. The pirate name will be your identity in the game.
    • Choose your pirate's gender - male or female.
    • Pick your pirate's appearances. Choose his/ her hairstyle, hair color, skin color, torso, legs, torso color, and legs color.
    • Once the game starts, click on the Ahoy! tab on the right side of your screen. Click on Save Pirate to create an account for yourself. Please remember: you need to be more than 13 years old to play this game.
    • If you already have a Puzzle Pirates account, you can click on I have an account and thus proceed to the log-in screen.

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    Choose the right ocean to play in. In mundane, non-piratey MMORPG language, an ocean would be called a "server". The oceans are distinct and separate.
    • Subscriber Ocean: A subscriber ocean is an ocean in which a user has to pay for a subscription regularly to enjoy the game completely. Subscription has to be bought using real money and not the virtual game money (PoE). Subscription can be bought on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
      • The Cerulean Ocean is the only subscriber ocean open for players. It was formed through a merger of the former Midnight and Cobalt Oceans on January 31st, 2012.
    • Doubloon Oceans: Doubloon oceans do not require a subscription. But players playing on doubloon oceans use two types of in-game currency: PoE and doubloons. PoE can be earnt by doing various activities in the game. Doubloons can either be exchanged for PoE or bought using real money. Many users who decide not to spend real money on this game choose doubloon oceans.
      • The Emerald Ocean is a doubloon ocean that was formed through a merger of the former Sage and Hunter Oceans on January 31st, 2012. The emerald is currently the most populated ocean in the game.
      • The Meridian Ocean is a doubloon ocean that was formed through a merger of the former Malachite and Viridian Oceans on January 31st, 2012. Meridian is the oldest, and the second most populated ocean in the game.
      • The Opal Ocean was the fourth doubloon ocean and opened on December 8th 2006. Opal is a German language ocean. Being a German language ocean, Opal ocean is scarcely populated.
      • The Jade Ocean was the sixth doubloon ocean and opened on July 1, 2009. Jade is a Spanish language ocean. The population of the Jade ocean is similar to the one of Opal ocean.
    • Most players prefer to play on Doubloon Oceans as almost everything can be played for free. Even doubloons can be bought in exchange for PoE, the basic monetary unit. PoE can be earnt by playing different puzzles, winning tournaments, events, blockades, pillages, stalls, etc.
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    Start playing Puzzles. Click on the Puzzles tab in the Notice Board so that you get a brief idea of the various puzzles.
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    Have a look at various missions which will help you sharpen up your puzzling and piracy skills.
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    Communicate with other pirates. Visit inns, shoppes and talk to other players using commands like /tell, /officer, /royalty, /fofficer, /crew, etc.
    • For help, contact Ocean Masters (OMs), talk to greeters, ask help in inns.

      • Ocean Masters (OMs) are employees of Three Rings Design (the developers of the game). They take care of petitions, complaints and make sure the oceans are safe. Ocean Masters have blue coloured names and are named after Greek Gods.[2]
      • Greeters are experienced players who help new users get used to the game. Their name appears pink to greenies (new users) and yellow to regular players.[3]
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    Try using the YPPedia (stands for: Yohoho Puzzle Pirates Encyclopedia) for help. It is a wiki written by many Puzzle Pirates players and developers.


  • Download rum calculator, scene painter, shoppe management helper and various other tools and services to ease their gameplay.
  • Earn PoE (pieces of eights) and doubloons. Purchasing clothing, furniture, and ships all require PoE, as well as some events. As a result, many new pirates often wonder how to earn PoE through the game. Some of the ways to earn PoE are: Sailing, Carpentry, Bilging Navigation, Jobbing, Sword fighting, Rumble, Gunnery.
  • Take a job with a crew. When you feel like sailing, and no-one in your crew is on, job with a player crew. To do so, go to the Notice Board and click on the tab named Voyages. Here you can job for crews and earn booty.
    • If they want you on the ship, they will respond with an invitation. Click "Accept" and you will be whisked off to their ship to work with them.
    • If you have jobbed with a crew and you feel like they are a good place to work, join them! While jobbing with the crew, ask the head officer to offer ye a job. If they offer you a job, click "Accept" and ye will be hired into the crew as a Cabin Person. Ye can advance the rankings through the crew's advancement policy, which varies by crew.
  • You can only be a member of one crew at a time and a jobber of one crew at a time.
  • Many third party tools and services have been provided to improve the game. For example, you can go to to learn about various puzzles.
  • To buy doubloons using real money, visit

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