How to Start Your Own Bicycle Gang

Have you as a little kid watched as teens older than you rolled past on their bicycles and you wished you were just like them.

Bunny-hopping over everything, racing each other, pulling off killer stunts.

Well here's something to help get you started.


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    Go get a cool bicycle. You can't be in a bicycle gang unless you got some wheels. Check out your local dealers for bikes.
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    Next, get together a group of your like-minded friends to join your gang.
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    Come up with a cool name for your gang and pick a nice spot to hang-out. I normally pick top floors of multi-story car parks as they are mostly abandoned and it also makes for a great place to race. You can try your local parks, abandoned lots or warehouses. Wherever it is, make sure it is legal to cycle there. If not, make sure you have good escape routes in case the cops come knocking around.
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    Start hanging out often. Swap tips, practice tricks and race. This is to build up your skills. You can't be a biker just cause you have the ride. You got to have the skills to prove it.
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    Once you think you are good enough, go make yourself t-shirts with your logo on the back. If you can print the patches on a jacket, its even better. Your patch identifies your gang, so make sure people can see it.
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    Cycle around your neighborhood to claim turf. Race each other on empty streets. Perform stunts while riding around. Do anything to build notoriety.
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    Eventually, you're going to encounter other 'bikers'. Race them to see if your gang is tops. If you win, good for you. If not, it's back to practicing, then challenge them again.
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    Soon, you're going to gain rep in your area as the fastest strongest dudes and dudettes around. Maintain your reputation by winning races and claiming turf.


  • Gangs don't have to be mean. Be nice to the kids in your neighborhood, be courteous to the people in your neighborhood. Remember, notoriety is not the same as unpopularity. Being nice goes a long way.
  • As a gang, you need people. After establishing yourself in your neighborhood, start looking for new blood. Recruit them and train them to be bikers. You got to have a hierarchy in your gang.
  • Appoint some members in your gang to be your mechanics. This are the guys who fix your bikes, install new parts and make sure your gang doesn't fall apart on one of its rides (literally)
  • You're not just a gang; you're a group of close-knitted friends who love to cycle. As such, organize monthly rides out of your neighborhood to a nice spot to have picnics, or cookouts. Or cycle over to the amusement park and just have fun.
  • But the biggest tip of all is to JUST HAVE FUN. Cycling is a beautiful sport and it's a great way to make friends. Every time you race other gangs, invite them for your rides and build a network. You can trade tricks and tips and make new friends; it's a win-win situation.
  • When you start out, make sure you buy a good bike. It has to survive all the punishment you're going to give it. Also, pick up some books on Basic Bicycle Maintenance. A biker should be able to fix up a bike himself at anytime.
  • Biker gangs tend to have a hierarchy similar to dogs-i.e, alpha, beta, omega, etc. A fairly simple way of deciding this is races and trick contests. The one who wins the most races and knows the best tricks is the leader. Then everything takes care of itself.


  • If your neighborhood has some kind of volunteer bicycle patrol, join them. It helps build some rapport with the community, plus if some thief is escaping from a crime scene, who is going to chase him down? They need some speed on wheels.
  • Don't do Illegal stuff. Notoriety is not the same as a criminal record. Avoid racing on streets during the daytime when there is traffic. Always abide by the rules, unless you really want to be outlaws.
  • Don't forsake safety for cheap thrills. Always wear protective gear. Helmets are uncool, till you add some cool design to them and make them unique. Then it becomes your very own trademark.

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