How to Stay Awake During Class

Two Parts:Staying AlertKeeping Your Body Active

Sometimes, the lesson your teacher is giving is so dull that you are falling asleep. You know you will get punished if you fall asleep, so how do you not fall asleep during class?

Part 1
Staying Alert

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    Attempt to pretend to think what the teacher is saying is somewhat interesting. That way, if you think it's interesting, then you won't fall asleep because you will want to pay attention.
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    Keep yourself busy. It doesn't matter what you do. Fiddle around with your pencil. Pass notes. Anything! Avoid daydreaming.
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    Try your best to not look or feel tired. Keep your eyes wide open. (Not too wide!) Pretend that you have tons of energy and you can't wait until class is over.
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    Look at other people. Preferably the teacher, that way she thinks you're paying attention. Think things like, I think this hairstyle would look better on her or I think she has too big of a nose. Anything that keeps you from falling asleep.
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    Every time you yawn, It means you're getting closer to falling asleep. So when you yawn, take that as a warning that you are about to fall asleep.
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    If you can't even keep your eyes open, force yourself to doodle.

Part 2
Keeping Your Body Active

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    Hold your breath for a few moments. Every time you feel like you are falling asleep, hold your breath to a count of 10. You will become restless and more wakeful while you hold your breath. When you start breathing again, you'll feel relieved and awake.
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    Tap your feet and drum your fingers. Even these slight movements will help get your circulation moving and keep you from falling asleep.
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    Get up and walk to the bathroom. If you're really in danger of falling asleep, a short walk will help. Follow your classroom's protocol for using the restroom. If you can get away with it, do a little dance move in the hallway to perk yourself up even more!
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    Get a drink of cold water. You might be so sleepy because you're a little dehydrated. Drink water and splash some on your face, too. It will help wake you up right away, and you'll be good to go for the rest of class.
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    Sniff or chew a peppermint. The scent of peppermint wakes up the body and brain. If you're allowed to chew mints or gum during class, it's handy to have a package of mint-flavored goodies on hand. If you aren't allowed to eat, even just smelling peppermint is a pick-me-up.


  • Avoid consuming too much sugar. Sugar will give you a short energy boost followed by a prolonged descent into sleepiness. Try a healthy energy boosting snack instead, for example carrots. Carrots are a good energy booster, they're healthy and won't drain you of energy.
  • Participate in the lecture. Ask questions, make remarks, ask the lecturer to repeat or rephrase. Even if the class is boring, you will suddenly find it's not
  • If you do fall asleep, accept the consequences and move on.
  • Try paying attention. It might be surprising that it actually interests you.
  • Get some rest before you come to school!
  • Try thinking about something serious or ask the teacher if you can read out loud. If you're doing something that requires it, it will help.


  • You might get in trouble for not paying attention. At least you weren't in trouble for falling asleep!

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