How to Stay Positive at Work

Two Methods:Having the Right AttitudeMaking Work Enjoyable

Would you like a happier life at work? Staying positive at work makes you happier, ups your productivity, and allows you to feel proud of your accomplishments. You spend a lot of your day working, and if you cannot enjoy that time then it will only get harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.

Method 1
Having the Right Attitude

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    Know why you are working. Are you working to live or living to work? What is it that is keeping you at this job? Do you love the work? Or does the paycheck support the family and lifestyle you love? You need to remember why your work is important, especially when it gets boring or difficult. If you can think of no reason why you should be working at this job, perhaps the only way to stay positive at work is to find new work.
    • Having a plan of action with your life, and knowing where you are going, is often the best place to start feeling positive.
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    Never compare yourself with others. Everyone gets started at a different place and heads on their own journey. You have no idea where others' journeys can get them to. Blindly making a comparison leads to wasting time and feeling negative. You can only control your own thoughts and destiny, so work on that.
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    Stop getting entangled with what's out of your control. The point is getting to know and focusing on something important to you, such as the economy, your market, actions that others may take. That's to say: your inner ideas and your actions.
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    Don't take yourself, or anyone else seriously. More than making yourself a happier person, self-mocking can also make you powerful, influential, and attractive. Having a sense of humor helps put setbacks in perspective and reminds you that you have a life outside of your job.
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    Set aside a few minutes to complain, but keep it brief. This feeling is a parasite that can nibble up your energy and well-being. You can take actions to make a change when you are not satisfied with this world. But sitting and complain accomplishes little other than getting a complaint off your chest. This can actually be a helpful way to put problems in perspective, but only if you don't overdo it. Save the sobs stories, say what is on your mind, and move on to more productive thoughts.
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    Smile more often. Smiling is proven to release chemicals in your brain that make you happy, even if the smile is forced. That said, you should take the time to enjoy as much of your work as possible. Give yourself time to talk to coworkers you like, watch a few funny videos during lunch, and listen to music that makes you happy. Thinking positive leads to positive thinking, not the other way around.
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    Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Being kind to a coworker ensures that you will get kindness back. There may be days when people are stressed, including you, but knowing that you have the support and friendship of those around you is a great way to let off some steam and feel more positive. Humans are social animals, so don't neglect to build relationships with your coworkers.
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    Find opportunities in periods of unrest or difficulty. Focus on the "can do" rather than "cannot" of situations. A great way to start is by looking at problems as opportunities rather than failures. Change begins with vision, and vision only begins to become a reality when it is said out loud. You need to discuss problems and failures with an eye towards self-improvement, not chiding yourself for past mistakes. Bad times happen at every office, and staying positive is not about avoiding problems, but growing from them.

Method 2
Making Work Enjoyable

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    Think about how you can add to your work. What unique skills, perspectives, or ideas can you use to make your workplace even better. Take some initiative for your work, personalizing it and letting you do the jobs that you love the most. Having a stake in your company's goals and mission will make your work much easier to attach with relish.
    • These goals can be personal too. Even if you don't love the company you work for, taking initiative is a great way to improve your skills and resume for the next job.
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    Know your limits at work. If you know that a project is going to cause you undue stress, for whatever reason, don't take it. This doesn't mean that you should do the bare minimum of work, it simply means you need to put your own needs before the needs of your company. Don't take extra work just because you are asked -- make sure that it is work you want to do and can handle without hurting your quality of life.
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    Personalize your workspace. Put up pictures, bring in a nice set of headphones and music, and place some knick-knacks around your desk. Do your best to make the space yours, not some bland office where you come to work.
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    Make sure you take care of your body with food and water. Simply eating enough food and drinking enough water may be the best way to stay positive at work. Feeling hungry or thirsty will lead to tiredness, and that drained feeling will bring you down day in and day out.
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    Stay organized but flexible. Let yourself plan, but don't feel chained down by a schedule. Instead, use organization to avoid last minute deadlines, to keep everything where it should be, put your affairs in order. A clean, uncluttered mind starts with an uncluttered desk and calendar, so take some time to clean up your life.
    • That said, the ability to roll with the punches is important to maintain a positive outlook. Plans will change, and that's fine -- you just need to change with them.
    • Cross off tasks and events as you accomplish them.
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    Be active. Get up and move around at least once an hour. Sitting in the same place all day can quickly become tedious, but staying active helps you feel better all day long. Take a walk on your lunch break, bike to and from work a few times a week, or try working out before your shift. When your body feels good, your mind feels good, and exercise is the best way to make it happen.
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    Daydream more. Let your mind wander from time to time. This isn't just good for your mental health -- it can even make you more productive. The argument that daydreaming facilitates with your work can date back to the 20th century. You can get a unique and competitive insight when you roam your mind.
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    Separate work from play. Sometimes your work seems incredibly important in your world. You're killing a part of yourself, however, when you let your work nibble your privacy and integrity. Work is for work, not home, so learn to distance yourself. When you leave the office or sign off online, work is over. Move on to other, more enjoyable experiences.
    • Have an interest/hobby unconnected with your job. This is the part of your life that is totally unrelated to work - and should not include co-workers or work acquaintances. If you play golf, don't play with your workmates - unless it's a work-related event.

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