How to Steam an Egg

Steaming an egg is just as effective as boiling. By comparison though, it saves energy.


  • Eggs (as many as needed)
  • Water


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    Tap the egg(s) all around with your fingernail. Listen for air pockets. They will make a hollow sound. If you find an air pocket, prick the egg there, not automatically at one end.
    • Do not be surprised if you find more than one air pocket.
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    Place in a small pot with 5 mm or 1/4" cold water. Add the lid. Put on the cold hotplate.
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    Turn up the heat to maximum. The egg is heated gently as the water heats up.
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    As soon as the water starts to "sing", turn off the heat (electric hotplate) or turn to minimum (gas). Keep the lid on and the steam in.
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    As soon as steam comes out from under the lid, start the timer. The timer needs to be set roughly 30 seconds longer than for conventional boiling. When the timer goes off, remove the egg(s) from the pot.
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    Enjoy. Serve as for boiled eggs.


  • This method of cooking eggs depends on always using the same conditions, namely, the same cooker, same pot, same measured amount of water, etc.

Things You'll Need

  • Saucepan/pot

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