How to Stop a Relationship from Ending

It's not impossible to maintain a long term relationship these days, but it's not easy either. To make a relationship work, you have to put in the effort. Below, you will find information on how to keep your man or woman and how to remain happy in a successful relationship.


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    Maintain strong communication. Without communication in a relationship, you have nothing. It's a major problem in today's society. Communication is speaking with someone face to face, without your phone in front of you.
    • Face to face communication has become replaced by texting through a phone or through the messenger app on Facebook. What happened to the classic dinner and a movie communication? That's what you need to make your relationship last.
    • If you try to communicate online or over the phone, things can get out of hand and taken out of context, as you can't exactly hear what a person's tone is, and things will get ugly.
    • There is nothing wrong with calling your partner up or taking her to the side and saying, "Hey, we need to set up a time to talk about things that have been really been bothering me lately. When do you have a good time to speak?" This is the best way to maintain a strong communication with your partner.
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    Be trustworthy. Tell your partner where you're going at all times. Be honest about it. Do you want a guy's night out and to go to the strip the club? Tell your partner. Even if you know she won't approve, just ask her and tell her why you would like to go. We all need breaks from our partners.
    • Trust is the main issue in today's relationships. Though trust is earned, you have to be willing to give at least some trust in order to have a completely successful relationship. If your partner has a smart phone, ask for the passcode. But don't push it. If you've only been dating for a few months, it's not the right time to ask for a passcode. You should be in a serious, long term relationship before you consider asking for someone's personal information.
    • Wait at least 8 months to a year before asking for such personal information. Remember, if you ask for your partner's information, your partner might want yours. Don't be afraid to give it to them, as it might start to cause a strain in the relationship. This goes for all passwords, which includes emails, social media, phones, and so on.
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    Take breaks from each other. This is the main thing people tend to forget about. When you're around your partner 24/7, whether it's your wife/husband or your gf/bf, you're going to get tired of each other. It's natural. But do you have to break up in order to take a break? Absolutely not. When you take a break from your partner, at least for a week, 3 days minimum, with no communication from him/her, if it's true love, you will miss them dearly and cannot wait to return home to them.
    • Taking a break simply means removing yourself from the picture, for x amount of days, until you feel like you're ready to be with your partner again.
    • Time away from your partner isn't just time at work or time at home; it's being completely away from them. This means having no communication unless it's an emergency if you have kids. When you were a kid and you stayed with your parent or guardian 24/7 and you got tired of each other, didn't you take a short vacation? Whether it was a sleepover with a friend or relative, or a family vacation where you got to see other people, it was still time away. When you returned home, did you, or did you not feel refreshed? This is the perfect way to keep a relationship as long as you don't take breaks too often.
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    Keep going on dates. Date nights are important. If you earn some income, save money every week to go out on dates. Dates are the perfect time to communicate with your partner. Tell them about your life plans. Talk about things you do and do not like. Ask about your partner's life. Get to know your partner inside and out. Surprise your partner every once in a while. With these steps, you should have a successful relationship if there is true love there.


  • If you do not at least halfway care about your partner, these steps mean nothing. You have to at least care about your partner as a friend first, before you can have a long-term relationship.

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