How to Stop Believing Astrology

Tired of categorizing people based on astrology? Tired of being tempted to bring it up? Maybe it started out as fun, but now you can't think for yourself. Read on from step one for how to stop believing in astrology.


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    Think of how you defined yourself before astrology. If you've known it since forever (thanks to magazines) think of how you would define yourself or of how your favorite things define you. Write them down in a little journal sketch book, that will define you until you beat this habit. For ex: Despite Aquarius being labeled as non emotional, you may say since you have a big heart and your favorite movie is 500 Days Of Summer you're pretty darn romantic.
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    Realize that most people don't care to hear about it and contrary to popular belief it actually is witchcraft, in some people's opinion. You may find it hard to believe as, even as a young Christian, but it really is a mind programming waste of time. Not only does it cause awkwardness in conversation, even if two people (compatible even) believed in it it causes a stiffness to the conversation. If someone asks you if you are a sun sign tell them and leave it at that.
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    Find clear solutions to your problems. Google them. Then pamper yourself by taking a warm, soothing bubble bath. Have a nice chocolate sundae and some popcorn. Then go and dress in your favorite clothing style and explore the world. Laugh and have a sense of humor. Play games (board, video etc). Spend more time with people so you can stop analyzing. If you don't have any friends, go out and join clubs or groups related to your hobbies. Doing this constantly will eventually get you to warm up and be a little more extroverted.
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    Stop looking up your friend's and celebrities zodiac signs. Instead of letting yourself complain that he's only acting so selfish because he's a Leo or this is just what your sign has to go through think clearly and specifically, is he selfish because he ignored you and treated you unfairly? Come up with clear solutions to move on.
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    Journal daily to get to know your real problems.
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    Read. People are so much deeper than they seem. Explore the world by going to places, if you can't travel, maybe go to a festival in your area? Live for the moment.
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    Join Tumblr and follow things that are non-astrology related. Same with Facebook. This is better than journaling as it lets you know how you relate to people around you.
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    Get a hobby or job. Contribute and serve the world.


  • If you've tried every single life style change for depression try combining all of them including an organized/comfortable house with depression medication.

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