How to Stop Making Fashion Mistakes

Do you sometimes wonder if you are a fashion victim? Or are you clinging to clothes that made you look gorgeous at 18 but are fast making you look a frump at 38? Fashion is not only about what we see in the magazines every day. It is also about knowing your body style, trusting your instincts rather than the fashion mogul's ideas and being prepared to move with the times - your body's changes as much as fashion changes.


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    Accept that we look good in different fashion styles at different times of our life. Something that made your figure look stunning in your early 20s may not have the same flattering and elegant fit when you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s etc. This is not talking about hanging onto clothes for 20 years (although there is nothing wrong with that if the style does remain elegant) but rather, it is about taking an honest look at your body changes decade by decade and updating what is most flattering for your body shape.
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    Take a yearly check-up of your body style. A wide range of life changes, such as aging, pregnancy, raising a family, dieting, exercising (or not), stress etc. all work on our bodies to alter the shape. We may grow larger or thinner, we may develop a stoop or a droop, we may have different parts of the body changing proportions. Try to be aware of these changes and be honest with yourself.
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    Ditch the tight clothes. You keep promising yourself that you'll lose weight and eventually fit into them. Meanwhile, they are clogging up precious wardrobe space and are hanging over you like a judge's verdict. What good is going to come of this? And by the time your miraculous shape change occurs, it is highly unlikely those clothes will entice you - you'd be more likely to want to go and buy new ones. And here is the real truth - tight clothes are not slimming; rather, they make you look a lot larger than you are. They accentuate every bulge and they do not look elegant. Be done with them.
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    Go for fitted clothes. Clothes that fit you are clothes that do not hang loosely and to not cling tightly. They are clothes that follow the contours of your body shape neatly and they should accentuate your curves. Ask your local clothing assistant for advice when trying on fitted clothes but also trust what image you are getting back from the mirror.
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    Iron your clothes. It is amazing how much difference a pressed item of clothing can make to your self-confidence and the way that you present.
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    Keep to one style. Mixing styles is a recipe for disaster. Keep the style simple and keep the accessories minimal and elegant.
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    Purchase good quality underwear. Do not skimp on bras and underpants. They sit right next to your body and should feel good. As for bras, they should be doing the job they're designed to do. This may mean spending a little more than you are used to if you need extra support but the payback in a lifted silhouette will be worth it - you will wear your clothes better.
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    Pay attention to shoes. Good shoes matter and people often look at shoes to make a split second judgment as to your tastes. Make sure they reach good conclusions.


  • Keep clothes clean and in their proper places to ensure longevity and maintenance of quality.
  • Make regular wardrobe sweeps to throw out clothes that no longer suit you and to find which items you really need to update.
  • Color coordination of a wardrobe is a great time-saving device. Spend an evening doing this and reap great results.


  • Don't wear clothes that are too tight, too big or frayed. These types of clothes reduce your sense of well-being and diminish your presentation to the world at large.

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