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Even though most people think that storing jewelry is "just" about putting jewelry away, it's not that simple. When storing jewelry, you can choose to showcase some of your jewelry and personality at the same time, as well as keeping it safe and secure. There are plenty of ways you can store all of your jewelry accessories; the best method will depend on the space you have available, the type of jewelry you on and your own preferences. The ways suggested below are just a few––hopefully they'll also inspire you to make up your own methods of storing jewelry.


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    Make or buy a jewelry tree. If you're buying one, make sure it's good quality and will work for the main type of jewelry you own. If you're making a jewelry tree, customize it as needed and decorate beautifully––making your own provides you with the perfect opportunity to emboss your style all over it.
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    Use a frame, cork (or bulletin) board, and tacks. This method is very simple and doesn't take up much room. It is easy to find specific jewelry hanging from the board and when placed well, it can add some style to your room. To make a cork board jewelry display:
    • Buy a picture frame that the cork board will fit inside. Remove the glass screen and either discard it or save it for something else. Most people use this style of hanging up jewelry for necklaces and bracelets, so be sure to choose a frame that's tall enough to hold your longer necklaces.
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    • Buy a cork board that's either the exact same size or larger than the frame. If it's larger, then you'll need to trim it down to the right size using an X-Acto or any craft knife.
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    • Cover the cork board with some decorative paper that's either the exact same size as the board, or larger. Cut it to the dimensions of the cork board and then use double-sided tape to attach it neatly. Take care to avoid making creases or bumps.
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    • Once the decorative paper is secured to the cork board, try putting the cork board into the frame to make sure it fits exactly right. If it doesn't, it'll need to be trimmed it a bit smaller. Don't trim off too much at a time–– its better to be safe than sorry. Once it fits in just right, go on to the next sub-step.
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    • Heat up a hot glue gun, then put hot glue all around the edge of the frame where the cork board will be attached. Before the hot glue cools, carefully put in the cork board with the decorative paper on top and press gently to ensure it makes a good contact. You're now done.
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    • To use, tack the thumbtacks into the cork board, and then hang jewelry off them. If you want your tacks to be more decorative, then hot glue a decorative button or fake gem onto the top of each thumbtack.
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    Use a picture frame. A much simpler variation of the cork board option, this one involves just hanging up a decorative frame on the wall, and then putting thumbtacks into the wall. To use, just hang your jewelry on the tacks.
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    Hang earrings over the edge of a martini glass or a china bowl. Both are classy, and are easy to use (simply hang the earrings over the outside rim of the glass or bowl). You can also do this with items like coffee mugs, etc. Select whatever will look good in the area you're going to display the jewelry.
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    Keep earrings in drawer organizers. These are easy to use, organize, and customize. Drawer organizers can be purchased from storage, craft and dollar stores. They can be as small or large as you need.
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    Use a tackle box. Simple, large, and with good organization, this also works well if you're moving. Note that this may not be the best way to store fragile jewelry, unless you line each part of the box with felt or a similar fabric able to protect the jewelry item.
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    Store your small jewelry in a store-bought jewelry box. You can get these in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they generally include a small mirror. There are lots of ways of obtaining such a box, such as through jewelry and department stores, online sales and even through inheritance. If you like vintage items, look for an older jewelry box from an era that matches your décor theme.
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    Drape your jewelry over a mannequin. This is a particularly effective look for those who don't mind a mannequin sharing your personal space––favorite vintage or designer clothing can also be worn by the mannequin, with the jewelry draped over the clothing. You can buy mannequins in different types, although the type that works best are the full-size head and shoulder mannequins or the miniature full body ones. Look in antique stores and online for mannequins.
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    Use a wire metal tray basket to hang earrings on. You can find these easily at thrift stores for next to nothing. To use, just lean them up against something, providing that it is stable enough to stay upright and not damage your collection. An artsy idea for this storage method is to place the metal basket on a miniature art easel. The only thing to watch for is humidity or dampness causing rust on the cheap wire basket, which might transfer to your earrings. A simple solution is to paint the basket before use with a metal protecting paint and to check regularly to ensure the basket is in good condition.
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    Hang your jewelry on a tie rack. Either the hang-in-the-closet or the standard wall type, tie rack works quite well for long pieces that need plenty of space, such as beaded necklaces. Just be careful not to hang this anywhere near fabrics that might catch on the jewelry and snag. You don't want your clothes to be at the mercy of your jewels!
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    Use a mug holder (also known as a mug tree or mug stand) for hanging jewelry from. These items are cheap to buy, and fit the purpose in a neat and interesting way. Check for balance when hanging jewelry items, so as not to cause the holder to lean over and fall.
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    Be creative and make use of household objects that aren't doing much else. There aren't any rules for how to store jewelry (apart from certain gems needing special care), so feel free to create storage items out of almost anything. Always bear in mind the fragility of items when choosing storage––anything that is fragile will require soft, delicate surfaces and in some cases, an opaque cover to prevent light damage. All jewelry should be stored away from heat and damp, regardless of value.
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    Last but not least, get a mesh garbage can from the dollar store. All the holes are perfect for earrings and if you want to be able to spin the garbage can, put it on a lazy susan.


  • Be aware that some jewelry pieces have very specific storage requirements, such as pearls, in order to retain luster or to protect fragile elements. Ask your jeweler if you're not sure whether or not a piece needs specific storage techniques. Assume that whenever the jewelry item is valuable, that consideration should be given to extra special care in storage.


  • Valuable jewelry may need to be stored in a safe, to avoid theft.

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