How to Straighten out Your Life if It Has Become Too Hectic

Sometimes, all at once, you find yourself fighting with friends, failing your classes, arguing with parents, homework is piled up to the ceiling, and you completely forgot to do laundry so now you don't even have any clean clothes to wear. Here's how to carefully and successfully conquer all of this stress, and still get a full night's sleep.


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    STOP. Literally. Just stop. Stop whatever you've been doing up until now, and breathe. It's okay. You're already in this deep. Breathing isn't going to dig your hole any deeper. So just close your eyes for a moment, and breathe.
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    Make a list of what needs to be done. This list can have anything from "Clean my room" to "Apologize to Jenny". You can write it or type it, it doesn't matter. Just make it.
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    Put a star next to the SMALLEST things on the list. These are the things you want to get done FIRST. They're the easiest, and once they're done, you'll have the complete rest of your time to focus on just the important stuff, without that nagging feeling that you have to go home from a rough day of school to a bunch of chores.
    • So go ahead, do your laundry. While it's in the wash/dryer, pick up your room a bit. Play some relaxing, upbeat music while you clean, to keep you motivated. Check off everything that you complete.
    • Do NOT check off things that are "half done" or "almost complete", because you still have the stress of having to come back to finish it later. Only check off things that are truly done.
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    Star the things that are of MEDIUM importance. This includes things like homework, getting along with family, etc.
    • For homework, you can either complete all the homework for one subject, then all the homework for the next subject, etc., or, you can do a little bit from each subject, then do a little bit more, and a little more, until you basically finish up all the subjects at virtually the same time. Both ways may take a couple days, but either way, you're making good progress.
    • For homework also, don't be afraid to TALK to your teachers! Explaining your personal life can be embarrassing, yes, but at the same time it's so much easier if you have 3 days to turn in an assignment rather than 1, just because you have too much "pride" to let your teachers know that you are really struggling.
    • As for family, if you're arguing a lot, start by doing little nice things for them. If you're doing your laundry, throw theirs in, too! Maybe set the table without be asked, or even just ask them how their day was when they get home from work. Try to avoid back-talking them or arguing with them; they're probably going through just as much stress as you, but with the added stress of bills, raising kids, approaching deadlines at work, etc. Sympathize with them; and they will with you, too.
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    Finally, it's on to the important things, like making up with a friend after a big fight, or finishing a huge project for school. When it comes to making up with a friend, start by trying to slowly work your way back into their life.
    • If a group of you is talking, including both you and said friend, try to direct a question or topic for discussion very friendly-like to your friend, or ask the whole group a question and make eye contact with your friend to let them know you're interested in their answer/opinions too.
    • Once you obtain an acquaintance-level with them again, it becomes much easier to just step in and apologize. Even if the situation wasn't your fault, the majority of the time, a simple "I'm sorry" from you can be the one spark your friend needs in order to apologize as well, ans from there you two can sort out what happened and make amends.
    • However, believe it or not, it's a good idea to actually keep some space between you and your friend for a few days first, because it gives both your friend and you a lot of time to reflect and figure out the best ways to apologize.
    • Now, for finishing school projects: Start out slow. Make another list of what needs to be done. If the project is an essay, including works cited, and perhaps a poster or just some form of presentation, start small and go up. Find your resources first, and use them to jot down notes. Then, write the paper. When done, proof-read it and edit as necessary.
    • Now, move on to the presentation part (if you have one). Also, don't be afraid to ask your friends for help. Asking your friends and family may result in you getting done three times faster than you ever imagined.
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    Last but not least, give yourself a pat on the back. And not just at the end, but EVERY time you accomplish something. Did your laundry and cleaned your room? Go take a computer break! Finished ALL your homework? Go to the movies with your friends! You deserve it. Good luck!


  • DON'T beat yourself up if you screw up! If you do wind up missing a deadline, or only half-completed a chore, it's okay! Just because you shouldn't check it off your list yet doesn't mean it's bad that you didn't finish it! You'll always have more chances in the future.
  • Don't be afraid to take breaks. In fact, you really need them! Trying to accomplish lots of things at once is what you got you in your mess in the first place; you need to pace yourself and congratulate yourself when you actually complete things and do well.
  • Ask for help or guidance! If you're really just stuck with no way out, go ahead and ask for some help. Even a little advice or a motivational speech can sometimes be all it takes for you to see an answer.
  • Don't expect to accomplish everything in one day! It might take you three days, it might take you two weeks. Either way, what matters is that you're able to finally get yourself out of the hole life seemed to dig you into. Just remember, if you try to climb out too fast, you'll also get tired too easily. Pace yourself, and again, take breaks!
  • Finally, just remember that there is ALWAYS a tomorrow. So if things seemed awful yesterday, and horrible today, remember that morning will come tomorrow. And not only tomorrow, but next week, next month, next year, and even in the next century! There will ALWAYS be a Tomorrow. So don't fret if you didn't have a good Today.

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