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You only get one chance to make a first impression. So when it comes to your first date, pack your baggage as lightly as possible. Really, you need only five essential items.


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    Cell phone - No, not so you can receive an "emergency" call in case you need to beat a hasty retreat. That trick predates the rotary phone; it's insulting and frankly unnecessary. Why? Sure, some first dates are worthy of quick escapes, but that's why you plan them to be brief in the first place. Just a drink or coffee before the next thing on your schedule. A first date does not merit a five-course meal or even a dinner and a movie. You like him, you hope for a second, open-ended date; you don't like him, you'll live through one latte. Wait, then what's the cell phone for? To call your best friend with a report from the ladies' room. No matter how the date is going, checking in for a giggle moment makes the date fun, no matter what. And isn't that kind of the point of this whole dating thing?
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    Texture - Here’s a top tip from friend-boys: wear something soft and touchable — a velvet top, angora sweater, silky pants. Drives 'em nuts, but let them wait until Date #2 before they actually get to touch.
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    Breath mints - Specifically those cool, paper-thin strips that look like plastic but magically melt in your mouth. Win-win-win-win: They're (a) strong enough to combat even the fiercest garlic attack, (b) a great topic for a lagging conversation, (c) a perfect "conversation piece" if your date has breath issues, and (d) a potentially sassy flirting move ("Gee, isn't that a wild feeling on your tongue?").
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    Discretion - Do not mention dud dates, evil exes or lingering loneliness. Not one word. Positivity — even a little mystery — is the better part of valor.
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    Perspective - Though having a string of unappealing dates can be wearing, it’s almost never a waste of time. For one thing, the worst that can happen is a good story (see Tip #1). And at this stage of the dating game, you should be most interested in quantity; you have to go on lots of first dates so that your judgment and perspective remain intact, so that you don't overrate someone's appeal by thinking "He's the one! when in fact he’s only the one who called! For now, quantity begets quality. Each date, no matter how taxing, counts. So even the worst first date gets you one step closer to the best!


  • Don't look away every time they look at you. A lot of people do this because they're very nervous and such, but don't do this. Your date would see you as an un-confident person.
  • Don't stare at him/her the whole time. It gets very creepy and annoying.
  • Don't act nervous even if you are, it will make for comfortable silences and not awkward ones!
  • Be yourself. (Ex, if you hardly ever wear formal clothes, there's no sense in wearing them on the first date) Better you find out that you aren't compatible on the first date than six months later when you've been cheated on!
  • Floss is an essential!


  • Don't set yourself to thinking he/she is the only one for you and that you will never find anyone else. This can cause major problems if you break up.
  • Try not to be clumsy and spill something on a date. Chances are you will be embarrassed. - If you do however (accidents happen), laugh it off, make fun of yourself or the situation. Odds are they'll laugh with you and it'll lead to another conversation topic (both now and down the line).

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