How to Survive Forgetting Your Lunch

There's a lot to remember in the morning when you're trying to make it to the bus stop on time. You think you remembered all of your homework, your gym clothes, and permission slips. However, you soon realize that you forgot the most important school necessity: your lunch. Almost everyone has forgotten their lunch at some point, so here are some tips to help you survive the hunger...


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    Always keep something extra in your bag. A simple snack bar in your bag pocket can make sure you don't starve if you forget your lunch. Make sure it's not a food that will go bad, like sandwiches or fruits, and something that won't melt, like chocolate.
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    Have emergency money. Keep a note or some coins in your bag so you can buy lunch if you do forget. Try to put it in a wallet or envelope to avoid that getting lost.
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    Call home. If it's early in the day that you realize, try ringing home to see if your parents/sibling/guardian can drop your lunch off for you. However, if you live far from school, don't make them drive an hour's way to bring you a cheese sandwich.
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    Ask a friend. Ask a friend if they can share some food with you or if you can borrow some money and buy lunch for the day. Even a little bit of food can sufficiently fuel your energy throughout the day as opposed to just nothing.
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    Keep hydrated. If you can't find food right away, don't let yourself completely wither away -- keep drinking water from water fountains or in the bathroom if you're feeling really weak.
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    Ask a teacher. If it's really bad; for example you're diabetic or suffer sugar and blood problems, be sensible and inform a teacher. They will get you something to ensure you don't get into serious trouble.


  • Always be nice to anybody who shares with you. They don't have to share.
  • Try to help anyone who forgets their lunch so when you are in the time of need you have people who owe you one.
  • If you don't end up with a lunch, conserve energy so you don't feel too bad during the afternoon.
  • Don't freak out if you realize you forgot your lunch. It's not a big deal and it is an easily solvable problem.


  • If the food stored in your locker is old or smells bad, don't eat it. If it is dangerously old, don't even open it because the fumes could make you and people around you sick.
  • If your stomach rumbles uncontrollably, excuse yourself and go to the nearest bathroom or cafeteria. It may sound weird but sometimes it helps the hungry person to stare at the food without actually eating it and to try to imagine that he/she is "actually" eating it.

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