How to Survive Retirement

Retirement is a challenging time for some people, especially if you failed to make plans for the inevitable day when work would cease taking up the majority of your waking hours. Surviving retirement is about waking up to the importance of loving your life in the golden years, and doing all you can to make yourself fulfilled and comfortable without pining for the past or worrying about finances. Here are some suggestions to help you.


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    Quit blaming anyone else for choices you've made. It's too late to go back and undo bad choices but it's also not going to help you to blame someone else and live a life of negative thoughts. Forgive people and start afresh.
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    Get your finances sorted out. If they're in good shape, well done. If not, don't stick your head under the carpet. Go and seek financial advice from a bank manager, a trusted friend, a reputable financial planner, or even your children. Work out how to make the most of the money you do have, and how to get more if you have none. Look into what the government and charities offer, as well as at the assets you own.
    • Give serious consideration to downsizing or even selling your home to free up cash. You may as well let someone else have the hassles of maintenance and rent instead, so that you can have freed up cash to live off. Get good financial advice though.
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    Plan to do things. Avoid sitting around feeling old - the adage that you're only as old as you feel is real. Use your willpower to kick you off the chair and get you going.
    • Plan a trip.
    • Fix your garden. Grow your own healthy food to increase your longevity.
    • Write a book. Write a whole plethora of books.
    • Do things you've never got around to doing.
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    Take care that you don't end up being a babysitter by proxy. If you want your grandkids around 24/5, that's great. If not, speak up and let your kids know to sort out their care arrangements with greater thoughtfulness. You don't have to save them from their own choices.
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    Keep healthy. Continue having regular check-ups with a doctor you trust and get along with. Have tests done as needed. Keep your diet healthy!

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