How to Survive Vacations As a Kid

There is always something to do on vacations. It may be hard to think of something exciting to do, but there is always something and this will help you find it. However, if your vacation is honestly extremely boring... well, this can help you too.


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    Before you go to your destination, do some research on where you are heading. Know the history of it. If you do, that alone can make the vacation more interesting. You can also find shopping malls or good restaurants or fun places if you search online. Make sure to tell your parents of all the places you can go if they don't already know. It would be good to also print the information off and bring it with you on your trip.
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    Be outgoing. If you are shy and quiet, it might be boring if there is nothing to do. If you try to make things fun, chances are that they probably will be.
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    If there are no interesting places to go, or if weather is bad and you get stuck indoors, watch TV or watch a movie.
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    Don't eat too much. If you find yourself going out to restaurants a lot, this may be difficult. You can pace yourself though. If you go out everyday, then every other day order a main meal and that's it. The days that you don't have to order a main meal, order a large salad to start and then have desert after. Try not to snack a lot. Because you are bored you may find yourself eating more. Don't start that habit.
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    Do exercise, work out and jog around. It can also help to do push-ups or steps. Because it is your vacation you may not want to do it, however just set up a schedule. Crunches when you are bored, run every other day or see how many jumping jacks you can do during commercials.
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    Take long shower, this refreshes your day and makes you feel clean and healthy. If there is nothing to do around the place, pamper yourself. Go through your own mini spa!


  • Write in a journal about the events in your day.
  • Wake up each morning to see the sunrise and think about how lucky you are to be able to go on vacation.


  • Don't go out too much. You'd be surprised how fast your money can go.

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