How to Take a Peaceful Walk

Walking is a peaceful and wonderful thing. It can aid you in exercising your body, help break bad habits, and overcome bad moods and depression. This is how to just drop all the complexity of weight-loss charts and exercise programs and just take a peaceful walk!


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    Wear some good walking shoes. These would be any sort of tennis shoes. You don't need to go buy a $100 pair, but make sure they have adequate support for your feet.
    • It should go without say, but make sure you wear socks with your shoes. Don't get lazy and just cram your foot into the shoe because it is bad for the circulation and will make your feet smell horrid.
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    Dress for the weather. Wear a poncho or bring an umbrella if it is or looks like raining. Wear a sweatshirt or a coat if it's chilly. If you're focused on the weather making you feel uncomfortable, you won't be able to reflect.
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    Leave all electronics at home so there won't be any distractions. Alternatively, if you think better while doing so, bring an mp3 player with you, but only listen to non-lyrical music or music in a different language. It will stimulate your mind without distracting you.
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    Drink plenty of water before departing. If you think your walk will be on the longer side, take a water bottle with you. Water is essential for your body while doing physical activity, even if the exercise isn't vigorous.
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    Don't take your pet with you if it may make the walk any less peaceful. While giving your pets exercise is great and should be done, if your dog is notorious for barking and chasing animals, it may not be a great choice to bring them.
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    Don't plan a complicated route. Instead, let yourself wander to wherever you feel like going at the moment. Just don't get lost!
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    Reflect. Relax and let your mind think. It will help clear the mental clutter and you will feel refreshed afterwards.
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    Remember that you don't need to do this to get somewhere or to burn some fat. You're doing it for your own enjoyment, and you should treat it as such. Enjoy yourself, and don't force yourself to do anything said here!


  • Try to make a point to wake up early to take a short walk. It helps to wake up your mind and make it alert, making the rest of your day more productive.


  • Be careful when crossing streets.
  • If you're a kid or teenager, bring a cell phone with you, no matter what, and keep it on. However, don't bring it out unless there's an emergency.

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