How to Take Care of Your Stuffed Animal

Four Methods:Naming your animalMaking life more pleasant for your stuffed animalEntertaining your stuffed animalGrooming your stuffed animal

Stuffed toys are often very cute and playful. Stuffed animals are timeless classics for little children, even for older children. It's easy to care for a stuffed animal if you want to.

Method 1
Naming your animal

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    Determine if you will be naming the animal a real name, or a made-up name. This is an important first-step in naming the animal.
    • If you want to pick a real name for the animal, look at a site such as a baby name site.
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    Decide on a personal nickname to call it (a personal nickname consists of the animal's given name, and last name). This will make your stuffed animal feel important.
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    Take a look at your stuffed animal. Perhaps if it's a rabbit, try a name something like Fluffy. If it's an even-cream color, make a name that includes two of its characteristics, like Fluffy Cream, Striped Tiger, or Monkey Brown.
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    Try going to a name generator site. Name generators include name, and They offer some features to select random names for you, and some names might be good for your stuffed animal.

Method 2
Making life more pleasant for your stuffed animal

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    Buy your stuffed animal some friends. Although you may think "They're stuffed. They don't need any friends," they do, because it will be cute if they had some friends to "hang out" with. Besides, the more friends the animal has, the merrier!
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    Buy your stuffed animal a little bag or carrying case that you can bring it in. It will also be great if you bought each one of your stuffed animals something to carry them in also. Get small luggage - just enough to add its small clothes and accessories. Try toy stores or garage sales, where you can get some cheap things.
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    Make your stuffed animal a small "house." You can put a small pillow and washcloth inside a shoe box. You can also try getting some mini-furniture for your pet so it can lounge around. However, nobody likes living alone, so get a mini-pet for your toy!

Method 3
Entertaining your stuffed animal

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    Play some games with it (such as Checkers and Chess). Playing with a stuffed animal is entertaining.
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    Play with your toy. Give your toy lots of play time so they don't get bored.
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    Give your stuffed animal lots of love. Read them stories, watch movies with them, share meals, etc. Also, don't forget, even stuffed animals are a little afraid of the dark, so they might want to cuddle with you at night.
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    Have stuffed animal parties with your friends! Your friends most likely have some stuffed animals, too, so your toy can make some new friends at a party.

Method 4
Grooming your stuffed animal

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    Vacuum or clean the animal regularly. Your poor toy may be covered with gross lint from over-playing with it. When you vacuum your stuffed animal, it removes their dust and dirt. It's like an air shower!
    • If the animal is way too dirty for vacuuming, give it toy a bath by putting it in the washing machine, or you can hand wash it yourself. Just be sure to read the washing instructions for your toy.
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    Get or make your stuffed animal some clothes or accessories for it. Nobody wants a naked toy! The best store to buy clothes will be toy stores or places that let you make a bear/stuffed toy.
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    Stitch them up carefully when needed or else they'll be all worn out. If they have a cut or tear, stitch them up. If you don't know how, ask around your family and friends. It's kind of like going to the doctor's for stuffed animals.


  • Do things with your stuffed animal that you would do with friends. Go to the park, have sleepovers, etc.
  • Brush your stuffed toy every day! You don't want his /her hair to get tangled! Afterwards, fluff the fur with a blow dryer.
  • Another way to make a bed is to get a pillow and cover it with a blanket, then tuck the extras under the pillow. It is almost like a dog bed.
  • When you're at the store, choose a stuffed animal that looks like you'd have a good time with. If you see something that looks like you'd lose interest in later don't get it!
  • To remember where you went and what you have done with you stuffed animal, keep a journal.
  • You can't put some stuffed animals in the washer, so try to keep them as clean as possible.
  • Sewing or buying clothes for your stuffed friend makes them look not only fashionable, but unique, too.
  • Brush your toy like you would a real animal or human. Stuffed animals' fur gets messy quite easily!
  • If your fluffy toys aren't fluffy and cute anymore, poof them up with a hair dryer.
  • Try making a mini journal for your pet.
  • When you outgrow them, give them to a close friend or family member that's really young and loves stuffed animals and would take care of them.
  • Make your stuffed animal a blanket out of old scraps around the house.
  • Give your pet a dry bath every once in a while. Sprinkle baking soda over it and let it sit for fifteen minutes. After 15 minutes have passed, sweep off the baking soda.
  • If you want to make a bed, here's an idea: Get something like a small beanbag for a pillow. For the blanket, you can use an old bandana or have your stuffed animal sleep bare.
  • If you lose your stuffed animal, look for him/her everywhere and anywhere. If there is no luck, say goodbye and blow a kiss to him/her.
  • If you lose your friend, you can always get a new one and start all over! Who knows? You might find your teddy someday, so don't lose hope!
  • One tip when making clothes for your stuffed friend is to make a small rectangular pouch/purse with no closing at the top, and then you add a semi-circular closing. Then add two ribbons at the sides to make a cute little backpack easily!
  • If your stuffed toy can't be put in the washer, then you can put warm water in a bucket and mild detergent or soap and hand wash it.


  • Remember not to leave your poor animal outside because it might rain and your animal will get wet and smelly.
  • Use needles and scissors with care – you don't want to hurt your stuffed animal, or yourself!
  • Don't let dogs near it! Cats can also claw at it and rip him/her open. Be careful!!

Things You'll Need

  • Special Stuffed Animals
  • Accessories
  • Shoe Box / Home For Your Toy
  • Hairbrush
  • Vacuum
  • Baby Wipes
  • Washing Machine
  • Baking Soda
  • A make up brush to wipe off extra dust (optional)
  • books (optional)
  • movies (optional)

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