How to Talk to Ghosts

Four Methods:Using a Ouija BoardRecording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)Communicating in Other WaysStaying Safe

The world of spirits and phantoms is available to you. Knowing the correct methods of tapping into the other side with a Ouija board, with recording technology, or by various other methods, can allow you to communicate freely and openly with the dead. It can be a thrilling and terrifying experience. The door is there. Are you brave enough to open it? See Step 1 for more information.

Method 1
Using a Ouija Board

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    Acquire or create a Ouija board. Also known as a spirit board, the Ouija board is basically just a flat surface with all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-10, Yes/No, and "Goodbye" written on it.
    • You'll also need what's called a "planchette," or some kind of movable indicator to use to point to the letters. A shot-glass is a common substitute, but any talisman you can all put your hands on to indicate the letters would be appropriate.
    • There's nothing magical about the Ouija board itself, so you should feel free to create your own on simple paper, or buy a more stylish one if you like.
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    Get a group of willing participants, or at least partner. You need more than one person to operate the Ouija board. It's best to have a relatively small group of people with a legitimate interest in communicating with the spirit world.
    • Designate one person and one person only to be the medium. This person will ask the questions aloud and be the one who is specifically communicating with the ghost, though both (or all) of you will have your hands on the planchette.
    • It might also be helpful to have at least one other person present to record the communications. If it gets moving very quickly, it can be difficult to keep up with the ghost's spelling. Having someone write it down will make sure you can keep up.
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    Set the mood. Go into a quiet and comfortable part of the house in which you're communicating at an appropriate hour. Light the room softly with candles and consider cleansing it by burning sage or performing a brief cleansing prayer or other ritual appropriate to your beliefs.
    • The spirit world is most active between 9pm and 6am, so you might consider staging your communication during those hours, or another time of particular significance.
    • In some cultures, setting out a small amount of alcohol as an offering to the spirits can be helpful in attracting them.
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    Invoke the spirits by asking a question. Place your fingers gently on the planchette in a central location on the board. Usually the letter "G" is a good starting place, equidistant from all points. Generally, a good opening question would be something like: "Are there any benevolent spirits present who would like to communicate?"
    • Introduce yourselves and clarify your intentions. Say your names aloud and reassure any spirits of your curiosity and kind intentions: "We want to listen to what you have to say."
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    Focus your energy on the communication.
    • Some Ouija board users like to close their eyes, both as a way of focusing their energy on communicating and sensing the spirits present, as well as to ensure that none of the participants are "cheating" the board by moving it and spelling out the answers that another party wants to hear.
    • In general, "cheating the board" by moving the planchette on purpose is a big taboo and extremely disrespectful to both the other users and the spirits who may or may not be present.
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    Be patient and be polite. After making your question known and introducing yourselves, sit and wait. You might try asking different questions, but know that the spirit world has no obligation to communicate with you, and it might take a while.
    • If and when the planchette starts to move, remain calm and have the recorder start writing down the letters.
    • Treat it like a normal conversation. Ask follow up questions that you're legitimately curious about. Don't treat it like something the spirit needs to "prove" to you, forcing them to answer specific trivia questions or other "test" types of questions. Treat it like a person is present. Be polite and be courteous.
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    End the conversation when it becomes appropriate. You can move the planchette yourself over to the "Goodbye" section of the board to signal that you've chosen to end the conversation, but it's also best to say a few words aloud: "Thank you for taking time to speak with us. Goodbye for now."
    • Close the board and put it away when you're finished, to ensure communication will be cut off.

Method 2
Recording Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

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    Get a good quality audio recorder. The basic principle of recording EVP is that you record yourself asking questions much as you would when using a Ouija board, and then listen back for audio cues that the spirits were answering out loud. It can be an intense experience to listen back over these sessions.
    • The H1 Zoom mic is a professional-quality handheld recorder that musicians and other people want to use to record spontaneous audio that sounds clear and clean. Cellphone recorders are also good for this kind of recording.
    • You want to make sure you can turn up the recording sensitivity to a very high level. EVP works best when it records things that are sub-aural for us to hear in the moment, catching things we might miss when we're present. A recorder that has an ultra-sensitive recording setting would be ideal.
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    Go to the right environment. Finding a place with a lot of psychic residue would be a good candidate for trying to record EVP. Newer buildings and locations like shopping malls or housing developments will be less valuable for this activity, because they just don't have the kind of history that an old church, hospital, or library has.
    • If you live in a house that's more than 50 years old, give it a shot. If you don't it might be worth trying to hold an EVP session elsewhere.
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    Start recording and clarify your intentions. You should go through the same sort of process you might go through any time you try to connect to the great beyond: eliminate any distracts, unplug the clocks, make it as quiet as possible to get the highest-quality recording you can get. After you hit record, start talking:
    • "Is there any benevolent spirit here who might be interested in talking?"
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    Ask a series of questions. If you know anything about particular hauntings in the area you're researching, or anything about the history of the area, you might try asking specific questions or more general questions of the spiritual world that you're trying to get in touch with. You might try asking:
    • "What do you want?"
    • "Why are you here?"
    • "What would you like us to know?"
    • "Who are you?"
    • "Is there anything we can do for you?"
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    Pay close attention to other forms of communication you may be experiencing. While you're in the middle of recording, try to pay attention to any sensations you might be experiencing, emotional or physical. Make note of them in the recording itself for comparison afterward. Pay particular attention to:
    • Cold and warm spots
    • Tingles or prickles on the back of your neck
    • Feelings of apprehension
    • Any sounds or whispers you hear
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    Listen closely to the recording afterward. Leave the location by closing the conversation as you would any time you're communicating, with a brief salutation and thanks. Leave the location immediately and go to either a comfortable location or back to your house. Turn the lights back on and make it comfortable and as un-spooky as possible to listen.
    • Turn up the silent parts as loud as they'll go and listen closely. If you can look at the recording on the computer, pay attention to any spikes you see to know where to look more closely. Isolate those places in the recording and try to decipher what they say.

Method 3
Communicating in Other Ways

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    Try channeling with an experienced medium. If you want to take your communications to the next level, it's possible to visit an experienced medium and undergo a channeling session, in which one of the group (probably the medium) allows themselves to be "inhabited" by the spirit during hypnosis, who then talks to the group.
    • Depending on the medium you visit, the communication may involve writing, speaking, or other forms of communication.
    • It's very important that you visit someone experienced in the matters of afterlife communication. Do not try this alone.
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    Try scrying. Scrying refers to any basic method of using a substance or an object to communicate with the other world. Most often, this means crystals, candles, smoke, stones, bones, or glass. Like channeling, scrying is most often effective when done with an accomplished and experienced medium who maintains frequent contact with the spiritual realm. It's difficult to know how to "read" smoke, for example, and might be somewhat dangerous to try.[1]
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    Try mirror gazing. Many famous kids' games revolve around the legend of Bloody Mary, in which you shut yourself in the dark bathroom and invite Bloody Mary to appear in the mirror. Staring deep into a mirror and attempting to communicate with the spiritual world after cleansing the area and creating a safe, benevolent space for the spirits to gather can be an intense and mystical experience.
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    Use your car to communicate. In may places, especially the American South, legends revolve around the use of cars parked in specific locations in neutral, allowing spirits to "push" the car to let their presence be known. In some such legends, the driver is instructed to go to a particular location at midnight and put baby powder or flour on the bumper of the car, to show the handprints of the dead who pushed it.
    • If there's such a legend in your area, try it out. Drive to the particular place, bridge, or crossroad and kill your car. Put it in neutral and invite the ghost or the spirit to give you a push. See what happens.

Method 4
Staying Safe

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    Never attempt to communicate with ghosts alone. No matter what you believe, it's best for your spiritual well-being and your psychological health to have other people present who are interested in participating. It's not something to fool around with.
    • It's best if you let more experienced communicators and mediums show you the ropes. Wandering into a conversation with evil spirits is something no one wants to experience.
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    Keep your intentions and your thoughts pure. Make your intentions known by speaking them aloud and only try to communicate if you're coming from a place of legitimate curiosity and kindness in your heart. Doing a Ouija session as a joke to impress your friends is a good way to attract mean spirits to your house. They might not want to leave.
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    Always be polite and calm while communicating. Take some time to center yourself and calm your thoughts any time you hope to communicate. The experience will be much more intense and singular if you can focus on the task at hand and pay attention to your surroundings without distraction. Turn off the spooky music and close the shades, take the cell phone battery out of your phone, and turn off the computer. It's time for other concerns.
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    End the communication appropriately. Never let a conversation hang without making it clear that you are going back to your world and encouraging the spirit to go back to their world. Professional mediums and ghost hunters take this step very seriously, especially if they're in a domestic space and they want to remain safe from poltergeist activity. If you're smart, you'll do the same.


  • Don't panic!
  • Be brave.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to them.
  • Be patient.
  • Go with friends.
  • Don't run away from them.
  • Just listen to your spine, you can feel more things then others.
  • Have something or wear something that dangles.
  • Wear all things lucky.
  • Never do these alone. If you decide to communicate in any way or give invitation it is best to stay polite and to ask for peaceful and ions spirits as this opens a do it so to speak for good and evil spirits. Ask the good spirits for guidance and protection and command the malevolent energies to flee. Never forget to say goodbye or even gift the kind spirits with flowers or toys. And always say goodbye to prevent risk of followers.


  • Do not be mean, spirits were once people too.
  • Absolutely do not do this alone!
  • When Using a Ouija board, be very careful. Some people believe there are dangers involved in reaching out to spirits this way.

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