How to Talk to Spirits

Three Methods:Beginning Your SessionUsing a Dowsing PendulumUsing a Ouija Board

If you want to contact the spirit world, you must prepare yourself. First, protect yourself psychically by strengthening your mind against negative energies. If necessary, burn sage incense to protect your home from malevolent spirits. Next, contact the spirit world with a dowsing pendulum or use a Ouija board. Hold the pendulum over a flat surface and watch the swing patterns for “yes” and “no” answers. Alternatively, use a Ouija board to receive answers to more complex questions. Don’t forget to close the session by moving the planchette over the word “goodbye.”

Method 1
Beginning Your Session

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    Protect yourself psychically. If you try to contact the spirit world, you may come in contact with malevolent entities. Therefore, it’s important to strengthen your mind against negative energies before attempting to talk to spirits. For example:
    • Offer a prayer to the universe. While praying, ask for protection against malevolent spirits.
    • Visualize yourself as a column of white light that spreads throughout the room. This visualization will dissuade negative entities.
    • Mentally express an interest in communicating with positive spirits to draw them to you.[1]
  2. 2
    Find a charm. If you’re trying to contact a particular spirit, such as a deceased loved one, you will need a charm to draw them to you.[2] A charm can be anything that the spirit owned while they were alive. Choose an item that held a lot of meaning for that person. Examples of meaningful items include:
    • Jewelry
    • Notebooks or journals
    • Photographs
    • A beloved book
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    Avoid using alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drugs affect your judgement and can make you more vulnerable to negative spirits. Additionally, some people believe that being intoxicated can attract harmful entities.[3]
    • If any of your friends are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, don’t let them participate in the session.
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    Burn sage incense. Sage is an herb that is known for its aura cleansing properties. If you’re worried about the presence of malevolent spirits, burn some sage incense before contacting the spirit world. The sage will remove negative energies from the room and dissuade any unwanted visitors.[4]
    • Sage incense can be bought online or at specialty herbal supply stores.

Method 2
Using a Dowsing Pendulum

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    Purchase or create a dowsing crystal. A dowsing crystal is a crystal that’s hanging on the end of a string or chain. You should feel a sense of attachment to the crystal when you hold it.[5] This indicates that your energy is in tune with the crystal. To find a good dowsing crystal:
    • Visit a specialty herb shop and pick out a crystal. Hold each one to find one that “speaks” to you.
    • Use a crystal necklace that was owned by a deceased loved one.
    • Tie a piece of string around a crystal that you have owned for years.
  2. 2
    Dangle the crystal over a flat surface. Hold the end of the chain in your dominant hand.[6] Next, dangle the crystal over a hard surface, such as a table or the floor. The crystal should be near the surface, but not touching it.
    • Some people prefer to dangle the crystal over a circle drawn on a piece of paper. This can help you track the movements of the crystal.
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    Determine “yes” and “no” answers. Gently swing the crystal once or twice. Holding your hand steady, ask the spirits to show you a “yes” answer. Make a note of the pattern that the crystal follows. Once the crystal is still, repeat the process, asking for a “no” answer.[7]
    • This pattern may change from session to session.
  4. 4
    Begin asking questions. Ask yes or no questions and take note of the answers. For example, if you’re trying to contact a particular spirit, you might ask: “Is your name Sandra Burdoch?” The spirit will then direct the crystal in a yes or no formation.
    • Take any messages received with a grain of salt. Some spirits may try to trick you or they may even be confused.[8]
    • Be polite when talking with spirits and treat them with respect.
  5. 5
    End the session. Thank the spirit for speaking with you. Politely ask them to return to the spirit world.[9] Next, set the crystal down. Center yourself in the present by eating some food or having a cup of tea.
    • If you feel a presence lingering after you’ve ended the session, burn some sage incense to cleanse the room.

Method 3
Using a Ouija Board

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    Purchase or make a Ouija board. Ouija boards can be bought online or from specialized novelty shops. Occasionally, rare and ornate Ouija boards can be found at estate sales or antique shops. To make your own Ouija board, write the alphabet, the numbers 1-9, “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye” on a large sheet of paper. Next, purchase a planchette or make your own.
    • The term planchette refers to the small wooden arrow used to navigate the Ouija board.
    • Planchettes can be purchased online or from specialized novelty shops.
  2. 2
    Gather a few friends. Never use a Ouija board alone. Instead, gather one or two friends to use the board with you.[10] The presence of others will repel any cowardly malevolent spirits and bolster your courage.
    • Make sure your friends will take the process seriously. If they show a lack of respect, it could have bad consequences.
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    Set up the Ouija board. Lay the board on a table or other flat surface. Next, place the planchette on top of the board. Ask your friends to sit around the table and lightly place their index and middle fingers on the planchette.
    • Relax your arms and fingers while touching the planchette. Otherwise, you may unconsciously move the planchette around on your own.
  4. 4
    Summon a spirit. Choose one person to be the medium, or the person who communicates with the spirit. Next, the medium should politely ask a spirit to visit. Wait patiently for the planchette to move. Once it starts moving independently, a spirit has appeared.[11]
    • This process can take several minutes.
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    Ask the spirit questions. Once the spirit appears, the medium can begin asking questions. If you ask yes or no questions, the planchette will hover over the “yes” or “no” words on the board. If you ask more complex questions, the spirit may spell out words or even sentences. Consider asking questions such as:
    • ”What’s your name?”
    • ”Are you a ghost?”
    • ”Do you have a message for us?”
  6. 6
    Learn to recognize bad spirits. If the planchette moves randomly across the board without giving any clear answers, the spirit is not interested in helping you. If the planchette moves in a figure eight, the spirit is attempting to take control of the board. End the session immediately.[12]
    • If you begin to feel a lot of fear, end the session. Fear can invite negative spirits into the Ouija board.
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    Close the connection. Guide the planchette over the word “goodbye” on the board. This will close the Ouija board’s connection to the spirit world. Once the session has ended, wrap the planchette in a piece of cloth and store it separately from the board.[13]
    • If you store the planchette and the board together, you risk unintentionally inviting spirits into your home.


  • Many psychics discourage the use of Ouija boards as they can invite negative spirits into your home.
  • Never be rude to spirits.

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