How to Teach a Tarot Card Class

Teaching the Tarot is a very rewarding experience for someone with expert knowledge of the cards. The purpose of teaching a class on this fascinating subject is to give the student a 'basic' knowledge of the Tarot, and how to use the deck to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that they face on their journey through life.


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    Ask yourself what it is that you want to share with your students. Do you have techniques or talents that are unique to you? If so, you may want to focus on these to pass on to your students. One example would be if you have a method of teaching the Tarot that will help the student gain insight into the deck on level that would take years if they were to take the traditional path to learning? If so, build a class on that method.
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    Write down what you have to offer your prospective students. Make point form notes, then expand them. Don't worry if you have no idea how your ideas are going to work, write all your thoughts as soon as they come to you. Refine those brainstormed ideas into ones that you think your students would be able (and want) to learn.
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    Once you've decided what your class is going to cover, decide how many lessons and/or classes it will take to teach this information. Some options that may work are a single session of 4 hours, a weekend encompassing 2 days, or a weekly class over the course of months.
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    As you plan your classes, you will need to consider locations. You will need to also consider refreshments, breaks (if you plan a longer session), and supplies (will they need their own cards?) Another consideration is cost. How much will you be charging?
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    The next step is to fine tune your lesson plan. Once you get it down to a tee, get a friend to play 'student' and teach your class to them. See if you get your message across in the time allotted, without wasting any, and your student seems pleased with what they've learned, and eager for more. Get feedback from your friend.
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    A month or so before your class, start getting the word out. Place an ad in the local paper, new age book store, flyers, etc. Too many people wait until the last minute, and that could mean a smaller attendance.
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    The day of the class, make sure you have all the supplies you need, and arrive early. This will allow you to relax before people start to arrive.
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    After the class, make sure to get feedback from the students!


  • Try to find a regular meeting place. Some coffee shops have conference rooms. If your class is on what is typically a 'slow' night, they'll look forward to your group showing up on a regular basis. (BONUS: no cost or clean up for you!)
  • If your class is free, make sure that your students know if they will need to cover materials costs.
  • Right before your class ends, try handing out comment cards so that your students can give your class a review. Whether or not they're positive, they will help you fine tune your class to give your future students, as well as yourself, a more positive result from any future classes you teach.
  • Remember, you've chosen a complex subject matter for your class, and if you've never taught a class before, your first class will be a learning experience. Do not be too critical on yourself. Recognize where you fell short, but also focus on what went right. Even the best educators in the world probably were not amazing with their first class. Like their students, they too probably had a lot to learn.Good luck in your teaching career!
  • Learning the Tarot is a life-long process, and even an experienced professional reader continues to learn, and is therefore, a 'student'. This is especially true when teaching others your craft. You'll be surprised at what you'll learn in the process.


  • Make sure to jot down every idea while brainstorming! You most likely won't be using most of the ideas you jot down, at least not for this class, anyway. But they could be useful later, if only for a chuckle further on down the road.
  • You must have a certain level of expertise in order to attempt to teach the Tarot. If you do not have it, please do not attempt teaching a class. Not only will you waste yours, and your student's time, you may actually hold them back on their own journey to understanding and using the Tarot to improve the quality of both theirs and others' lives.

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