How to Tell Fortunes Using Ascended Masters Cards

Do you have Ascended Masters Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue), and don't know how to use them? Well, I'll tell you how step-by-step, so it'll be easy, impressing to others, and fun.


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    To get rid of any unwanted energy from other people, have your client hold the cards in their non-dominant and knock on it once with their dominant hand.
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    Have your client touch each individual card briefly so the cards can posses their energy. This can be done by touching each corner. While this is being done, have them say or think how they want their fortune to be told. For example, they can say, "I would like my reading to be accurate and clear..."
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    Have your client shuffle the cards. As they do this, ask them to think of a question they need answered or a decision they need guidance with. They can say it verbally or just in their mind, for the ascended masters can read thoughts. The client will know when to stop shuffling. In fact, they may even encounter a vision or words spoken in their mind saying to stop.
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    Have your client draw the top card. Don't worry about it being the wrong one, because the Spiritual Law of Attraction states that a person will always pick the right cards if the other steps are done correctly. This card is the answer to their question. Tell them the specific characteristics of the card and ask them to look closely at the picture to see if anything in it means anything to them.
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    Have your client draw next three more cards off the very top of the deck. They should put it in order, from left to right. The leftmost card is the immediate past, the middle is the present, and the rightmost card is the immediate future (these cards have to do with the question/decision, too). Again, tell them the individual characteristics of each card, and ask them to analyze each picture closely. The client may also experience visions or thoughts related to the reading (this may happen with the question card, too).
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    Ask your client if there are any other questions they want answered. If they ask one, answer it by thinking back to the meanings of each card. If the question has to do with any of the cards, answer it. If it doesn't, then say it's not clear in this reading.


  • Always keep eye contact with your client, and listen intently.
  • Perform the reading in a dimly lit room. For best results, use only candlelight.


  • If the steps are done incorrectly, the reading will be inaccurate.

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