How to Tell if You Are a Medium

Three Methods:Seeing Back Into ChildhoodExperiencing Later Signs of Being a MediumOpening Your Mind to Your Abilities

By definition, a medium is a type of psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.[1] Natural born mediums have always had their abilities, while latent mediums develop them later in life. A medium uses their intuitive skills to see the events (past, present, and future) of someone by reading the spiritual energy around that person. Though mediums and psychics are controversial figures, they are very prevalent in today’s culture.[2] If you’re curious about the world of psychics and spirituality, look carefully at yourself and your past to see if you have the qualities typically associated with a medium.

Method 1
Seeing Back Into Childhood

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    Examine your fears.[3] Some of your childhood fears may indicate a predisposition for psychic ability. You might have medium abilities if:
    • You feared the dark. Often, children with psychic tendencies have a persisting fear of the dark that stems from an unconscious awareness of the supernatural.
    • You also exhibited a persistent unwillingness to sleep in a room alone and may also have had vivid nightmares.
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    Look at your play habits. If you don’t remember how you used to play as a child, ask your parents or guardians. You might have had some supernatural experiences disguised as play. Some of these experiences include:
    • You had an imaginary friend. Often, adults label the spirits or supernatural being children interact with as “imaginary friends.”
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    Understand your interests. If you were extremely interested in religion or understanding meaning as a child, this could be an indication you had a psychic connection. If you showed tendencies toward psychic abilities early:
    • You asked guardians to take you to religious services or to tell you about different religious beliefs in detail.
    • You engaged in play with objects like a Ouija board or tarot cards.
    • You read children’s books centering around the spiritual or supernatural.

Method 2
Experiencing Later Signs of Being a Medium

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    Think about what you see around people. If you are a medium, you might see auras or symbols surrounding people.[4]
    • These images might just be fuzzy fields of color or physical symbols or scenes, like a lake or river. They are probably normal to your internal world, so pay close attention to how you perceive others.
    • This is a large part of clairvoyance.[5]
    • These images might just be within your mind’s idea, rather than outside of you physically.
    • Also, notice if you tend to see things out of the corner of your eye that others don’t perceive.
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    Understand how you feel around others. Do you know if someone walks into a room without seeing that person? Sensing others’ energy or moods can be an indication that you’re a medium.
    • You have deep intuition about people’s moods.
    • If you hold an object owned by a person, you can sense deep emotions and experiences connected with that person through the object.
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    Remember your deceased loved ones. Your personal experiences surrounding death might reveal that you have a psychic gift.
    • After someone you love dies, if you are a medium, you might experience odd occurrences. These could be as simple as unexplained slammed doors or strange sensations and feelings other than grief.
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    Listen around you. Clairaudience, the ability to hear the voices of spirits, is a large part of being a medium. [6]
    • You might not know that you can hear voices, as these are usually not audible outside yourself. They are internal voices.
    • You might have a series of nagging thoughts or ideas that come to you from seemingly nowhere.

Method 3
Opening Your Mind to Your Abilities

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    Take time to meditate each day.[7] This can help you hone and understand your abilities as a medium. Try to meditate for around thirty minutes each day.
    • Choose a quiet spot to be a dedicated area for your meditation. Light a candle to focus on while you meditate.
    • After your meditation, write down the strongest impressions, feelings, or images that came to you during that time.
    • Look back on those notes at a later to date to see if a pattern emerges and to see if you can interpret a meaning from them. These may be messages from the spirit world.
    • The more you meditate, the more you will be able to sharpen your focus.
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    Cultivate your vision.[8] Your vision relates to your ability to see the past, present, and future. Even if you are highly intuitive, you’ll need to work to cultivate your vision to see truly.
    • Keep a journal. While meditation helps cultivate your understanding of the present, writing down your thoughts and days in a journal can help to stretch your memory, and in time, will help you see whether you can see past lives other than your own.
    • Purify your thoughts. You can’t be a receptive vessel as a medium if your mind is clouded with negativity. Work to counter your negative recurring thoughts and focus on the positives.
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    Ask your friends what you say to them. You will want to know if your friends have any insight into how you act when you’re unaware. This will give you an idea of your abilities and how you come across to others.
    • Often, mediums may give out deep advice that they don’t remember giving as soon as it’s left them.
    • Write down what your friends tell you, so you can look back on it and connect it to other visions or feelings.
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    Listen to your intuition. Doubt is one of the many inhibiting factors people face as they are trying to understand whether they are a medium and learn how to enhance their ability.
    • Allow yourself to explore the possibility of your ability.
    • Listen to your gut feelings.
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    Build up your spiritual knowledge base.[9] Spend time reading books about subjects like psychometry, numerology, scrying, tarot reading, and healing.
    • This knowledge will help you to better connect to your own interpretive abilities and understand the symbols that you may already see.
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    Spend time with other mediums. Look online for reviews of reputable psychics and mediums in your area. Go see one and ask them to read you.
    • While you are there, ask them how they knew they were a medium.
    • Get a feel for their process, and look around to see what kinds of talismans they keep in their office.

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