How to Tell Your Parents You Are Bisexual

There are many cases in which children like both sexes. This means they are bisexual, or maybe just curious, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some people can't come out of the closet, some people want to keep things secretive, so if you figure it out, just keep it quiet until you know for sure, and until they want others to know/ are okay with you telling. Here are some tips that can make it easier for you to come out.


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    Tell your closest friend. Revealing your sexuality to a trusted person will relieve you of a great burden. Although it may seem to be a daunting mission, opening up to someone will help you feel supported and loved. Be sure that your friend will not judge you or spill your secret. Otherwise, be confident about your sexuality and realize that there are others who have the same sexual preferences as you.
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    Remain calm and confident. When telling your parents, be clear and concise with your words. Get straight to the point rather than dancing around the topic. Ensure that your parents receive a clear message. To avoid conflict, find an appropriate time to tell them, such as when they are in a good mood. .
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    Give time and space to your parents. After you tell them, they may feel shocked by the sudden news. Although it may seem strange, they need time to mourn for the loss of their dreams for you. They most likely had plans to have grandchildren, a son/daughter-in-law, etc. They will need time and space to process the information and figure out how to respond to you.
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    Share with your close friends. After telling one person or more about your sexuality, continue telling your trusted friends until they all know. Be sure to approach the topic lightly without scaring them off. Find an appropriate time and location to tell them, and gradually ease the subject into your conversation. Understand that they too may need time and space to accept the news.
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    Be confident in your sexuality. Once people know that you're bisexual, stay proud of yourself. Continue leading a positive life without a care for other people's opinions. Others may not approve of your choices, and they might spread rumors or call you names. However, ignore them because they are jealous of your happiness. If you're facing severe bullying, be sure to tell a trusted adult or a teacher.
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    Realize that others may not understand your sexuality. For those who are heterosexual, they may not understand that bisexual people do not find every single person attractive. They might warn you not to kiss them or fall in love with them. However, be patient and explain to them that being bisexual does not mean automatically feeling attracted to everyone. Always have a good comeback for every insult.
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    Stay strong. Negativity often surrounds bisexuality, but you must understand that remaining strong in who you are is essential. Allowing people's opinions to push you down will only make you unhappy. Never allow people to prevent you from taking chances, missing the best moments, and seeking happiness. By being proud of who you are, you will be able to find the right partner.


  • Be confident.
  • Be calm when approaching this topic.
  • Wait until you know you truly are bisexual.
  • Stay positive even if people insult you.
  • Be proud of yourself.
  • Don't rush to tell everyone about your sexuality.
  • Just because someone is bisexual or "emo/ scene" doesn't mean they are faking it.
  • Always be sure about your sexuality.
  • Be prepared for positive or negative reactions.
  • Trust others.
  • Make sure who you tell won't judge you. If they do, don't care.
  • Read up on bisexuality before you have an intelligent conversation about homosexuality with your parents. Be prepared to give them answers to the questions they may have and direct them to resources to help them understand your sexual orientation.
  • Get into a talk with them about bisexuality and homosexuality. Once you feel like you can say it, it. Also, if you ever marry the same sex, you can always just adopt a child. (Make sure to tell your parents that).


  • You may gain/ lose friends.
  • Your parents might flip out.
  • Just because someone says they are cool with it doesn't mean they are.
  • You may not be able to sleep at the same sex's house anymore, along with opposite sex's. This includes with them sleeping over.

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