How to Text During School

So you want to text message a friend during school, but don't want to get in trouble? This article will help you do just that.


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    Leave the classroom. Go anywhere where there won't be a teacher. The restroom works best. Ask to go to your locker or something. Even crouching by your locker pretending to get a book will work.
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    Don't text in front of kids. Unless they are your best friend, they could tell on you. Beware of your worst enemy. Keep your friends close and enemies closer doesn't apply.
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    Make sure the volume is either down or off. If you don't know how to turn it down, then the best you can do is muffle it. Press the biggest speaker up against your belly or thigh.
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    Hide your phone. If someone thinks they saw you text, or you think someone saw you text, put your phone away. Even if you are mid message the text to your friend is not worth risking detention.
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    Make sure that there are not cameras where you are texting because the caretaker can catch you.


  • Make sure the bathroom is empty, or try the thigh technique.
  • If you are proficient at texting and can type without looking, do that. type your message and look at the teacher. Pretend that you're interested!
  • A good trick is to put your phone all the way in the back of your desk, and if you can, turn the screen brightness down as low as u can still see it.
  • Always stay out of an adults or other kids sight.
  • If you don't know the thigh technique look it up.
  • Hide your phone in your pencil case while it's on the desk, and text in there, it will look like you're looking for something in there.


  • Some school do not allow cell phones in bathrooms and locker areas, so please be aware of that. It is against the law in some states.
  • Don't text when the lights are off.
  • If you are caught, don't try to make up an excuse like " what are you talking about" just give in.
  • Remember the consequences! You can get in trouble if you are caught.
  • In some states and communities, it is against the law to use cell phones in school and you might have to experience legal action.
  • Only text in classes where the teacher isn't likely to get extremely mad at you
  • Don't do it with a very observant teacher. She catches you VERY easily.

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