How to Text Message in Class

In modern times it is unusual for students to not possess texting abilities on their cellular devices. Here is a step-by-step guide on how students can text in class without being caught.


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    Know Your Phone. An important part of texting in class is being able to do it without looking. You will need to know where all of the buttons are on your phone, and how to use them with out looking. You will also need to navigate to the Create New Message screen. This is just memorizing the key order you have to use to get there, or even setting a shortcut straight to the Create New Message input box. All of this amounts to being able to looking as though you're paying attention to the teacher, when in fact you are texting under the desk. If you are confident that you know how to use your device, then proceed to the next step.
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    Set Phone to Silent. You'll need to turn all sound off, or at least put it on vibrate. That means key-tones, ring-tones, alerts, everything. You can usually do this by pressing the 'Volume Down' button until it reads 'Vibrate All'. You will be caught if audio goes off and you may get into severe trouble. If you are not aware of this then do not take the risk of texting in class for it is very likely for key-tones to go off.
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    Pick a good spot in class. An important part of texting is where you sit. Always make sure that you are sitting where the teacher can't see you, or if someone comes in that is an administrator that they can't see you. If you think to yourself, can people see me? move and don't take any chances. Preferably sit in the back of the class. Since teachers will teach at the front or sit at there desk in the front, it will make it hard for them to notice if you are texting. Try to avoid texting in class if you sit in the front of your teacher's desk.
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    Know your Teacher. If your teacher is bitter, and dislikes you then DO NOT text in class. If you have an easygoing teacher, then texting in class will be easy, thus this is the best time to text message during class time.
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    Put Phone in area where it is easily accessible. Putting your phone in your pocket will not always be easy. If you feel that you are constantly sitting up to get your phone out of your pocket, then you are being very obvious. Try wearing a jacket so that you can put your phone in the sleeve, or the pocket in the center. Putting your phone in the front zipper of your backpack may also be helpful.
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    Make Phone non visible. Put jacket in lap or cross your legs. If you have it in your jacket then the teacher will not be able to see it since it will be tucked into your sleeve. Another method to try is crossing your legs, if you cross your legs then you will block the view to your phone and teachers will not suspect that you are texting. Do not begin testing if phone is in sight, you may begin when you are sure that it is not visible for teachers.
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    Look up occasionally while texting. If you stare at your phone while texting, then your teacher will realize that you are not paying attention and become suspicious. Look up every two seconds while texting if you are not willing to text "blindly." If this step is completed, Congratulations, you can text in class.
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    Put your phone away. Once you have completed talking to your friends, your social life will have improved, and you will be a better all-around person. All that is left is for you to hide your cellular device in the front pocket of your backpack, or put it away in your pocket of your backpack. Once you have done this you are safe and your process of texting in class is know complete.


  • Ask to go to the bathroom if you are too afraid to text in class.
  • Get a pass code on your phone that way if they catch you they will not be able to access your messages.
  • Get someone to sit in front of you to hide your phone but don't do this to obviously.
  • Wearing a baggy sweatshirt with a front pocket helps. It makes it easy to blind text without ever taking the phone out of your pocket.
  • Putting a phone in your front pocket is a lot faster than trying to put it into your pants pocket while sitting down.
  • Use Texting to improve your social life.
  • Use texting to ask about what topics to study for an a quiz, or what homework is due for next class.
  • Get fast with the texting and know how to text without looking at the screen.
  • Keep your cell phone really close to the bottom of your desk.
  • Text in your purse if you have one.


  • Don't do it while sitting near people who don't like you (they'll just tell on you).
  • DO NOT do this all the time, or the teacher get suspicious.
  • Make sure all sounds are OFF, as some sounds may still play even when your phone is on Silent.
  • If caught, you may get in trouble. Always check your school rules. If the punishment is very harsh, it may not be worth it.
  • DON'T STARE at the teacher, this shows something is wrong. When checking to see if the teacher is looking at you glance at the chalkboard or near her, never stare into his/her eyes.
  • Wait until the teacher's back is turned or he/she is out of the room.
  • Nod and smile like you get whatever the teacher is saying, or if you're taking notes, learn to maybe text with one hand and mime writing with the other. Switch. Otherwise you might not be caught for texting but for non participation in class.
  • DO NOT text in class where the teacher doesn't like you

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