How to Throw a LEGO Party (for Adults)

Forget the kids, grown ups want to have fun with LEGOs too! A Lego party aimed at adults will involve food shaped like LEGOs, LEGO colored decorations and even drinks modeled on the Lego theme. While you could include the kids at such a party, it's likely to be a lot more fun kept adults-only and filled with challenges and treats that adults are sure to appreciate.


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    Send out LEGO themed invitations. Many party stores have pre-made LEGO party invitations or you can tailor into your own more adult-focused style. If you can't find any, draw a LEGO brick design using a computer aided drawing program, color in a typical LEGO brick color and print off as many copies as needed.
    • Unless you're okay about kids coming along too, make no bones about the fact that this is not a party for kids. If you do have the party with kids too, you'll need to organize a separate entertainment corner or room in your house, along with a babysitter to keep a watchful eye on them.
    • Schedule the party in the evening (after the kids have gone to bed). Make it clear whether guests should leave the kids at home (explain that it's LEGO for "adults only").
    • As part of the invitation wording, suggest that adults bring their sense of wonder and adventure––it’s a night in which adults can play like kids again.
    • Include a fun (and cheap) package of LEGO bricks or a kit with your invitations. Many dollar stores have small kits, so if you're limiting your invites to 20 to 30 guests (or less), include a cute Lego kit along with the invite as an attention grabber. Or add a mini-figure to the invitation.
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    Decorate LEGO style. Here you can let your imagination run wild as there are so many possibilities. However, to help inspire you, here are a few ideas:
    • Use red, yellow and blue for the main color theme, as these are the principal LEGO brick colors that everyone knows best.
    • Hang streamers in red, yellow and blue from the ceiling and from tables to give a colorful effect. Also hang balloons up in the same colors.
    • Raid your kid's Lego supplies and use these to adapt as decorations. Place a display LEGO construction on a sideboard, hang mini-figures from balloons and if you have a moving LEGO item, such as a train or car, set it to go around its track during the party.
    • Print out LEGO brick pictures for the walls and stick them everywhere.
    • Stick LEGO stickers on a tablecloth where buffet food is kept.
    • LEGO posters can be hung up, if you have any.
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    Make “grown up” LEGO inspired drinks. No sippy cups here––this party's LEGO drinks need to have a bite and kick to them. Choose a brightly colored drink, similar to the colors used in Lego and add Lego style ice cubes.
    • Create a LEGO “Jolly Rancher” adult beverage. Definitely not for kids, but inspired by your favorite candy, create a vibrantly colored Jolly Rancher vodka drink. Both Jolly Ranchers and LEGOs have that bright, fun color so make several drinks using a variety of colors and flavors. To make this drink:
      • A few days before your party combine vodka with actual Jolly Rancher candy. Mix 1.75 liters (0.5 US gal) of vodka with approximately 12 Jolly Rancher candies (choose one flavor per bottle).
      • Place the 12 unwrapped Jolly Ranchers at the bottom of each bottle and then fill the bottle with vodka––no mixing or shaking. The candy does the work for you.
      • Make as many 1.75 liter (0.5 US gal) bottles as you want––the entire rainbow could be fun!
      • Freeze the Jolly Rancher bottles before the party. Mix drinks to order with club soda, triple sec, Chambord or a variety of flavored liquors. Experiment in order to create your own signature LEGO drink.
    • Other drink ideas include cocktails that end up being blue, red or yellow, like the primary Lego bricks and you might even make jello shots which contain all three colors in layers.
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    Make any LEGO drink extra authentic by adding Lego “brick” ice cubes. Purchase a LEGO inspired ice brick tray or make your own “bricks.” The LEGO brick tray can be purchased online or from LEGO® stores, or you can use your child’s LEGO bricks instead but be sure that they're well cleaned. To use them:
    • Spray large LEGO brick pieces with nonstick spray and fill the inside with water.
    • Freeze LEGO bricks and then carefully tap the plastic LEGO bricks until the ice is removed.
    • Make several batches before your party so you have plenty of LEGO ice for drinks.
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    Serve Lego-inspired food. Of course, the traditional waffle broken into pieces would make for the perfect Lego food, however move beyond the predictable and give your LEGO party an adult flair with some of these food craft ideas:
    • Use a serrated knife to cut raw vegetables. Give the carrots, radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers a LEGO look by cutting up strips or blocks using a serrated knife. Partner with a little of your special guacamole or hummus dip and you have a healthy appetizer. For detailed instructions on turning vegetables and fruit into LEGO bricks, see How to make vegetable Lego bricks; this will really wow your guests but be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make them as they're fiddly.
    • Build-a-sandwich. Apply the Lego concept to your food and let your guests build his or her own sandwich. Lay out all the fixings preferably from clean LEGO containers if possible) and let your guests determine how big (or how small) their sandwich. As an alternative you can do build-a-pizza, build-a-taco or build-a-salad or pasta. If you can't find LEGO containers, display food items in colorful platters and bowls to reinforce the Lego theme.
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    Bake a LEGO cake or cookies for dessert. Bake some goodies in the shapes of LEGO bricks. For example, try creating a simple LEGO building block cake using a standard cake mix, colorful frosting and marshmallows:
    • Combine the cake mix ingredients according to the package directions.
    • Pour the cake batter into a greased and/or floured cupcake or sheet cake pan.
    • Bake as directed and then allow to cool.
    • Using a serrated knife, carefully slice along the top to create a flat surface. Whether you're using cupcakes or a full cake, slice cake into rectangular shapes.
    • Cut two marshmallows in half and apply each half to the cake to create a square.
    • Use frosting to hold marshmallows in place. Frost liberally using store bought frosting, tinted with bright food coloring.
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    Play crazy LEGO building games. Beyond the typical LEGO games your child plays, these LEGO games will be even more fun after a few apps and cocktails.
    • Who am I? Break your group up into teams and supply each team a pile of Lego items that include pieces to make cars, trucks and people. Have everyone at the party write down a name of a person, place or thing on a small slip of paper (tell them not to show anyone else). Ask each guest to fold his or her slip of paper and place it in a hat. Mix the slips of paper and ask one member from each team to randomly select one slip of paper. Tell the team member not to show the paper to his or her teammate. Set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and tell the team member who chose the slip of paper to build whatever was on that slip of paper. It’s up to his or her teammate to guess what he or she is building based on his or her teammate’s creation––the first team to correctly guess the right answer wins that round.
    • Building blind. Just for fun, blindfold your guests and ask them to build a Lego sculpture using a pile of LEGO bricks in front of them. There’s no objective or goal––it's just fun to see which sculpture turns out the best or funniest.
    • LEGO building contest. If your group is particularly competitive, purchase small, inexpensive LEGO sets and have a LEGO building contest. The object of the game is to build the structure the fastest with all pieces intact. Divide the pieces into separate piles on a table or on the floor and have guests line up next to each other. If you have a larger group and more complex building projects, divide guests into teams and set the timer for some challenging cooperative fun.
    • Play LEGO toss. Set a range of trash cans or cups (depending on how hard you want to make it) in a row and have teams toss LEGO pieces in. The team that gets the most pieces in wins (you can set a time limit or a piece limit).
    • Buy one of the many LEGO games available in stores. Divide into teams and play the games for prizes, either following the rules provided or making up the rules for the party.


  • Send guests home with personal LEGO kits or systems if you can find a good deal. Or, make cookies or candies in the shapes of Lego items and bag these into little carry-home treats.
  • Don’t take the event too seriously––the idea is to throw a party out of the ordinary and to have fun.


  • If you plan to include actual LEGO pieces in drinks or food (not really recommended), make sure that guests know (for example, hiding Lego pieces inside the cake or adding a Lego as garnish in a drink). Any kind of plastic toy could be dangerous and pose a choking hazard.
  • If children are also attending, make sure that they're supervised by a babysitter in a different part of the venue/house and that they're kept away from alcoholic drinks.

Things You'll Need

  • Streamers
  • Balloons
  • LEGO cake, candies and cookies, or such things in LEGO colors
  • Party snacks
  • Napkins and plates, cutlery
  • Party drinks and drink containers
  • LEGO decorations
  • Party game equipment
  • Music
  • toys (if children are coming)

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