How to Train a LARP Group

So you got a couple of buddies together, and you want to LARP, but you want some training before hitting the field of battle. Then this is the right place for you.


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    Get in shape. Physical Fitness: its down right fact, that the stronger you are, the better you will be in battle. Fitness, like anything worth having, takes time and effort. You'll have to work out for results. If that's not your thing, sparring for long periods of time will do.
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    Equip Your Men.: If an army is equipped together, instead of hodgepodge, then they will fight better as a unit. It also makes them monumentally easier to train. Try large groups, considering a phalanx of spears, easy to produce, easy to train, highly effective on the battlefield. For medium groups, swords and shields, and for small groups two handed weapons. If a few men want something different, explain how the group is more effective together than separate, because if one man gets their way, then the rest will soon follow.
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    Drill. Your men will now need to learn to stand in formations. If you have a very small group, feel free to skip this step, but the larger the group, the more important it is that you learn to move as one. This is also a good test of discipline and leadership. For starters get your men to form in 3 rows, or ranks, and then you have columns, or files, creating, you guessed it, rank and file soldiers. each man should extend their right arm fully, so they are spaced apart properly. Once done so, then you have successfully put your men, in standard formation. Next practice the Battle line formation, where you bring the second rank over and up to the first, and the third falls in their place, creating a ---___--- shape. This formation should be your standard battle formation, it's useful for head on battles, or when you don't know what you're walking into. When fighting a more disorganized opponent, go for a wedge formation. If expecting a flank attack, also consider an echelon formation, where the troops stagger, to create a \ so for example, left echelon, would be /___ --- and right echelon would be ---___\ and while we're at it, the wedge would just be /_\
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    Learning To Use Your Weapon: If you want to win, you need to know how to kill on the field of battle. But first, you need to be comfortable with your chosen weapon. First have everyone have a little fun looking like an idiot attacking a tree. First have them charge at it, whack it a couple times, step back, charge again. Practice some lunges, ramming it with a shield if you have one. Get comfortable with the motions, and above all, get angry and kill that damn tree. After everyone's tired of swinging their weapons at an inanimate object, or perhaps just tired of looking like an idiot, then have them pair off and spar with one another. Afterwards consider a tournament style format, just to give the sparring some weight to it. Next up, learn how to defeat other weapons. Each weapon has a particular style to it, its nothing fancy, for example, sword and board relies heavily on getting up close, bashing your opponent, and a good overhand strike. Don't expect long drawn out battles either, the real thing is quick, and dirty. Spears rely on numbers, and reach, a good spear wall is all but impenetrable. a good shield wall can weather any blow, and a fine charge from two handers can be unmatched in damage. When fighting with a two hand, make sure you never stop attacking, and always be wary of your opponents weapon, you have NO defense, so simply put, you have to kill your opponent damn quick. With a shield, always try to knock your opponent over, and finish them off on the ground. Getting up real close and reaching around your opponent for a good old back swipe is also highly effective. if you have a spear, always, always, keep your distance. move backwards if you have to, but don't let your opponent in within your guard. otherwise its game over.
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    Get Out There and Win: alright that about covers it, see you on the battlefield!

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