How to Trim Eyebrows (for Men)

Four Parts:Preparing Your SkinBasic TrimmingFurther GroomingOther Methods

Are your eyebrows starting to look like a forehead beard? Are you afraid that you're starting to look unprofessional? Get a clean, groomed look easily at home by trimming your eyebrows. This article will teach you how to cut your eyebrows for a neater look, as well as how to pluck them if you really want to stand out. Just get started with Step 1 below.

Part 1
Preparing Your Skin

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    Take a hot shower. You want to soften your skin before you trim in order to make hairs easier to remove. A hot shower is good for this.
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    Exfoliate. Use a salt or sugar scrub or other exfoliant in your eyebrow area. This will prepare the skin and remove any loose hairs.
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    Use a hot washcloth. Alternatively or in addition to your shower, you can hold a hot, wet washcloth on your face in order to get the skin to soften (you will probably need to soften the skin again after exfoliating). This should take several minutes and you may need to re-soak the washcloth.

Part 2
Basic Trimming

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    Comb the hair up. Take a fine-tooth comb or eyebrow comb and comb the hair straight up, starting from the bridge of your nose and moving outward until you reach the arch of your eyebrow. Use the comb as necessary to hold the hair in that position.
    • You can fashion an eyebrow comb from a proxy brush, if that's easier to find. This is sometimes called a soft-pick and is a small comb used for cleaning in between teeth.
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    Trim the hair. Using a pair of nail scissors or other small scissors, cut off all the hair above the line of your eyebrow (the edge where the hair stops growing).
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    Repeat. Continue doing this, moving along the edge of your eyebrow until you've trimmed all the hair up until the arch of your eyebrow.
    • When you're done doing the up-combing, if you think the eyebrows still look too dark and thick, you can also comb them down and trim. Just stop when you get to the arch.
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    Trim the arch. Here's where it gets tricky because personal style and hair growth is going to play a role. Generally, from the arch, instead of combing the hair up and cutting it, comb the hair out at a 45° angle toward your temple and cut any hair that goes past the edge as before.
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    Follow a guideline. There is a general guideline as to how the eyebrow should be shaped that you can use if you want to. Use a pencil or other straight edge to help you find these lines. There are four basic measurements, around which the hair should be trimmed:
    • In a straight line up from the nostril (cut hair between the eyebrows).
    • The arch should fall in a diagonal line drawn from the nostril to the outside edge of the pupil.
    • Between the nostril and the outside corner of the eye. The outside edge of the brow should not extend beyond this line.
    • Between the beginning point of the eyebrow and the top connecting point of the ear. The eyebrow hair should not be lower than this point.

Part 3
Further Grooming

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    Form the arches. Once you've done the basic trimming, you can pluck all of the hairs which fall under the natural arch of your eyebrows if you want to. Avoid making the arch too thin but do follow the natural shape of your brow (where the most hair grows).
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    Remove outside hairs. Grab any last hairs which grow far from the edges of your eyebrows. You may find some hairs further up on your forehead or way too close to your ear, for example.
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    Remove hairs at the center. If you want to, you can remove the hairs in between your eyebrows. Some people find this look attractive, however, so do not feel pressured.

Part 4
Other Methods

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    Try a personal hair trimmer. Personal hair trimmers are small electric hair trimmers which are usually used for trimming nose hair but are also useful for trimmer eyebrows. Use these in place of the scissors for a faster trim but be careful: it's easy to slip and cut more than you intended to!
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    Try threading. Threading is a hair plucking method which you can do at home with nothing more than some string. It's fast and relatively painless but takes a small amount of practice.
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    Try waxing. If you just don't want to deal with having to figure out how to shape your eyebrows yourself, just go to a beautician! There's no shame in it and you will probably find more than a few men in there with you. The beautician will probably prefer to wax your eyebrows as this is fastest. It hurts but the pain is momentary, like pulling off a bandage.


  • You can find pictures easily online which show the eyebrow guidelines.


  • Don't overpluck!

Things You'll Need

  • Tweezers
  • Nail scissors
  • A small comb
  • Your eyebrows, of course!

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