How to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

Interested in changing up your look for summer? Whether you'd like to change it up on a vacation, buy a few new shirts, or completely remake yourself; you have 2 months, time to get started!


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    Figure out what kind of style you like. Before you hit the mall and buy new clothes, you need to decide what kind of clothing you're interested in buying. Since it is summertime, a recommended style would be simple, casual, and cool. Search online, flip through magazines, literally anything can give you inspiration! You just have to start looking for a general idea.
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    Hit the mall for some shopping! After you've figured out your style, it's about time to pick out your clothes. Buy a few key items from nice brands (like shorts from Hollister, or a pair of shoes from TOMS)then focus on looking for better priced items. There are loads of lovely clothes from lower-priced stores such as Forever 21, Garage, and many more. Even thrift stores can have some pretty cute clothes. Not to mention you'll look way more original if you don't have the same clothes that everyone else has.
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    Match old clothes with new clothes. The hefty task of going through your closet and picking what needs to stay and what needs to go is always a tough one. Pick things that you actually plan on wearing in the future and that can work with the new stuff you bought. It's recommended that you store your thick and stuffy winter clothes somewhere else, so they won't bring down your fashion aura this summer. Haven't worn that sweater from grandma that you got at Christmas? I'm sure someone else would enjoy it! Donate it to a local charity or give it to your local homeless shelter; this way you can help other people while helping yourself too.
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    Put together outfits. Just because you've basically updated your summer wardrobe doesn't mean you're done there. Having nice clothes doesn't mean you'll wear them nicely. If you have any troubles picking out outfits and making your clothes work for you and your body shape, look online, in magazines, or just around you for inspiration. Some great websites are (where you can make clothing sets for inspiration and actually search for the item you have and see how other people use it in an outfit), (which has awesome fashion and beauty advice), as well as (which also a kind of sophisticated style advice, basically like regular vogue, except for teens)!
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    Believe in yourself and your clothes. Have your own unique summer style, and own it. You need confidence to make those clothes look good!

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