How to Use "L" Type Dowsing Rods

While several studies have been done to prove or disprove this methodology, the "jury is still out", and the fact remains that some professional dowsing organizations such as the Canadian Dowsers Organization [1]do still exist[2]. These organizations continue to put their beliefs in this art to experimental test, despite their rejection by mainstream science. To start enjoying your new "L" rods, please follow these simple steps below. Please keep the safety of yourself and others in mind at all times by taking all necessary safety precautions to guard against personal injury.


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    You should be in a relaxed state of mind when dowsing. If you don't succeed at first, relax, maybe try to meditate a bit, then try again. Practice makes perfect, of course some studying won't hurt either.
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    Grasp your "L" rods in the palms of your hands, curling your fingers and thumb around the plastic sleeves lightly, yet firmly. Neither the long top of the rods nor the bottom curved part should touch your hands in any way while holding them, and they should be free to swing without any interference.
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    With the rods correctly griped, place your elbows along the side of your body for stability, and extend your lower arms and the rods straight out/pointing forward, roughly at shoulders length. You should ideally hold the rods level for maximum movement and sensitivity, though you may drop the tips of the rods very slightly to dampen the movement in breezy conditions for further control.
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    Now that your arms are in the search position as noted above, and the rods in a neutral position, slowly walk around the search area while concentrating on the item you are looking for.
    • To start out dowsing, you should lay out cards numbered 1-5 face down and in a line with about 6 inches (15.2 cm) of separation between each card. You should shuffle the cards up so they are in a random order. Start at one end by asking a question, like "Show me where the card labeled 4 on it by crossing the rods as I walk by", walk slowly until the rods start to move. Once you get a positive confirmation, flip the card to see if you are right. Practice this until you get the hang of it.
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    Congratulate yourself once you are successful in your finds.


  • Upon a positive confirmation, you may want to re-test and confirm the exact location or answer. Positive answers on re-tests are usually a sign that you made a find.
  • Most often, dowsing rods indicate a "yes", or confirmation, by crossing or pointing towards each other. Beware that it is also possible to have rods point away from each other as a confirming signal. This boils down to the individual request of the rod-master.
  • You will find many great resources on the internet to help you develop your skills. you can go to your favorite search engine and simply search for "Dowsing", "Divining", or "Dowsing rods".
    • Since Google has ads and does a keyword search style, it may be good to go to sites like Dogpile -where you can use different search engines,, or even AltaVista-where you can search by language and location.

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