How to Use a Camcorder

So you've gotten a new, amazing camcorder that you love. It has everything you want plus more. But there's one problem: you don't know how to use it.


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    Make sure you read the instructions provided with your camcorder. Test out everything as you read, and make sure everything is working correctly. One of the worst things that could happen is that one of your camcorder's features doesn't work.
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    Take a test shot. Take a quick video of something around you (5-15 seconds). Whether it's the trees outside or your family, make sure it's something not too important because if it doesn't turn out the way you want, you'll be disappointed.
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    Preview the test shot and see what could be changed. The lighting? Or maybe it's the angle or how you hold the camcorder. Make sure to take note of what you can do to fix it. If it's the lighting, you could turn on the flash feature, if you have it. Or if it's how you hold the camcorder, hold it a different way.
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    Take another test shot of something similar to the first one. When you preview it again, see if the mistakes you made in the first video were changed or became better.
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    Keep on trying new features and taking different shots of different things. You can delete some that you don't like or put some that you DO like on your computer or watch it on your T.V.
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    Remember that if you want to truly get used to your camcorder, you need to experiment as much as possible. Don't experiment too much though, otherwise you might end up ruining or damaging your camcorder.


  • If your camcorder allows it, change the scene mode. You can switch from regular coloring to sepia or even black and white. Be creative and go with the scene.
  • Tripods are a good thing to have if you want a smooth, professional recording.
  • Make sure your camcorder has enough memory space to hold however many minutes or seconds you are recording. Memory cards are recommended.
  • Make sure your camcorder's battery life is good at all times too. If not, turn it off and either let it recharge or replace the battery.
  • Take the camcorder with you in different places so you can get videos of different scenes.
  • Refer back to the instructions if you don't get something or you forgot something about your camcorder.


  • While experimenting and trying out new things is good to get to know your camcorder, remember not to do it too much or you might damage your camcorder, which is not good.

Things You'll Need

  • A camcorder and it's instructions
  • Something to record
  • Good lighting and scenery
  • The ability to be creative and experimental
  • Memory cards - 2 GB and up if you want a lot of room (opt.)
  • Tripod to hold your camcorder (opt.)

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